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  • “…Enlisted with the goal of commissioning…”

    “After 9/11 I wanted to serve my country and protect everybody. Joining the military is big in my family so I enlisted in the Air Force as security forces. I was enlisted for a year on active duty and for four years in the reserves. I originally enlisted with the goal of commissioning. I also wanted

  • "...Going to Nebraska for my first assignment was a huge change for me..."

    “I joined the Air Force from Hawaii and basic training was the first time I had left the island. Then going to Nebraska for my first assignment was a huge change for me as an island girl. I come from a family with a lot of people that have served in the military, and I grew up around the hospitality

  • "...His actions make me want to be a better woman..."

    "My role model is my dad. Heretired from the Navy and if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have joinedthe military. He's extremely optimistic and it's something I strive to be everyday. He tells me there's always a bright side to everything. My dad has alwaysbeen respectful towards my mom. She

  • "...Don't underestimate yourself..."

    "Women have come along way from the past. I think now there's no difference between women andmen, and what they can accomplish. I want to grow in my career, and in ourgeneration I feel like it's a totally achievable goal. The military's supportfor women is wonderful. My group commander and flight

  • "...Being knocked down doesn't define you..."

    "Everythree or four months I get summoned to go TDY to Wright-Patterson Air ForceBase, Ohio to teach the Air Force Personnel Reliability Program. PRP is designed to permit only the mosttrustworthy individuals access to nuclear assets. I've received several awardsin the PRP community, but most

  • "...It made me believe in myself..."

    "I love the military because of the sense of family it gives me, the sense of brotherhood. I can count on so many people I don't even directly know because of what I am a part of. The military has given me a voice and it's given me confidence. My life has been gradually changing by being out on my

  • "...I'm expected to perform at a high level..."

    "I've been stationed at Beale for about two months. After coming from a training environment, I appreciate the differences of the operational Air Force. I learned my job and now I'm expected to perform at a high level. I still have responsibilities, but I'm given more freedom. The operational Air

  • “…When my draft number came up…”

    “I joined the Air Force in November 1970. I originally wanted to join the railroad, but when my draft number came up I was given a choice; get placed in the branch the government wanted me in or make my own decision. So I picked the Air Force and it was the best choice I’ve made. I’m happy for all

  • "...I'm going to miss the camaraderie..."

    "I think what I'll miss most is definitely the structure of the Air Force and the direction. That's a big reason why I joined. I didn't join for college money or anything like that. As for my shop I'm going to miss the camaraderie.

  • "...My hobbies have changed since becoming a mom..."

    “Reading and cooking are two of myfavorite hobbies. I’ve found that my hobbies have changed since becoming a mom.Now my reading consists of books like ‘Go, Dog. Go!’ and ‘Goodnight Moon.’ It’sall about adapting to being a family of three instead of just two. We go onwalks and it’s a lot of fun. We