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  • Dirt Boyz’ role in improving Beale’s infrastructure

    Pavement and heavy equipment Airmen maintain the roads and flight line for Recce Town USA. They use a variety of machinery requiring specialized knowledge to keep the base's infrastructure up-to-date.
  • Total Force Integration: 9th LRS, 940th reservist fuels Beale

    The 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron petroleum, oil and lubricants (POL) flight works to ensure the mission at Beale maintains a steady rate. The 9th LRS POL runs 24-hour operations to ensure the 9th Reconnaissance Wing's inventory of U-2 Dragon Ladies, RQ-4 Global Hawks and T-38 Talons receive fuel needed to execute the mission. In addition, they support the 940th Air Refueling Wing's KC-135s Stratotanker.
  • Innovative 1st RS training provides RQ-4 student pilots valuable flying experience

    Becoming an RQ-4 Global Hawk pilot requires specific training, which is unique to remotely piloted aircraft. This training means new pilots not coming from previous manned platforms often have limited experience in the cockpit of an aircraft. The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is aiming to increase their level of experience with their new, innovative Aviation Fundamentals Training (AFT) program funded through the Squadron Innovation Fund.
  • 9th SFS, 940th SFS epitomize total force to ensure readiness

    Whether its active duty or the Reserve, providing an opportunity for combat arms training and maintenance instructors to solidify their training and continue sharpening their skills is an absolute must. The 9th Security Forces Squadron CATM shop works closely with its counterparts to ensure reserve instructors are ready to accomplish the fight and maximize mission effectiveness.
  • 9th CES keeps Beale from heating up

    Summer months in Northern California mean high temperatures and an even higher workload for Airmen at the 9th Civil Engineer Squadron heating, ventilation and air conditioning shop. The Airmen at HVAC maintain support for the base while being taxed with moving into the newly opened CES building. Despite these circumstances, they have not allowed their spirits to dwindle or their work ethic to slide.
  • 9th FSS hosts Alpha Warrior competition

    Beale Air Force Base, Calif. -- Airmen and their families tested their strength and conditioning July 27 when an Alpha Warrior team came to Recce Town. Alpha Warrior, an Air Force Services Activity program, is a partnership with obstacle race professionals from internationally-known competitions, such as American Ninja Warrior, designed to promote Comprehensive Airman Fitness by challenging an individual’s overall functional fitness.
  • Sharpening their talons: 9th MXG maintainers keep T-38s working

    Recce Town’s T-38 Talons are a part of the companion trainer program, which provides U-2 Dragon Lady pilots with general flight training so they can keep their flying hours current. T-38 mechanics are responsible for keeping the Talons in working order. The mechanics recover the aircraft, perform inspections, provide refueling, and conduct scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. On average, the T-38s fly between 10 and 15 sorties a day. This pace allows up to 30 pilots to fly each day and helps keep them sharp.
  • $866M contract sustains 6 missile warning radars

    The contract, awarded by the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, directly supports the continued operations of the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS), PAVE Phased Array Warning System (PAVE PAWS) and Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System radars. The radars are responsible for ballistic missile warning and defense for the continental United States, among other missions.
  • Comms Check: 9th CS ensures radio communication

    For Recce Town, USA, radio communication plays a critical role in daily operations. From emergency responders, command post, and even flightline operations, the ability to communicate effectively is necessary to ensure the mission doesn’t stop. It’s the sole responsibility of the Airmen attached to the 9th Communication Squadron antenna and cable shop to keep radio communications in operational condition.
  • 9 RW Recce Airmen selected for Tech Sgt promotions

    The U.S. Air Force announced a total of 61 staff sergeants assigned to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing that were selected for promotion to technical sergeant in the 2018 release.