The Public Affairs Office is not the base operator and will not look up phone numbers. For this service call the base operator at 530-634-3000.
The Portrait Studio is by appointment only.

9 RW Public Affairs General Information
6252 B St., Bldg 2445, next to the Commissary.
Main Phone: 634-8887

The Public Affairs Office provides a wide variety of products and services in support of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing mission. When planning a project that requires PA support, please contact us as early as possible to allow adequate time to provide you with the best possible product and service.

Service Limitations

We are here to help you get the best multimedia support possible, however, the nature of our products and services make them susceptible to unofficial usage. Therefore, we have some limitations and restrictions outlined below.

Official Use Only - Air Force Multimedia resources are government property for official Air Force mission support and historical documentation. Unofficial use by military personnel violates Article 92 of the UCMJ.

Copyright Material - Copyright material may be copied and used only within very narrow limits. We require express written consent from the copyright owner before duplicating copyrighted material. The Staff Judge Advocate is a good source of advice on all copyright matters.

Public Release - Products for public release or dissemination, items for the base newspaper, and items for other internal (Air Force) publications must be approved by the Public Affairs Office.

Souvenirs- Producing mementos, souvenirs, wall decorations and similar products for presentation to separating or retiring personnel is not authorized. Contact the Arts and Crafts Center for these items at 634-2294

High Volume Print Production - Public Affairs does not provide printing services for brochures and flyers. High volume print production is provided by the Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS) and they can fulfill your request on a fee-for-service basis, Phone: 707-424-3269, DSN: 837-3269 or visit them at


Multimedia Self Help - Digital still cameras, digital video cameras and presentations equipment are available for sign out on a first-come, first-serve basis from the multimedia Center. Customers should visit the Public Affairs Office and fill out an AF Form 833 as early as possible in order to reserve equipment.


The AF Form 833, MULTIMEDIA WORK ORDER, is the key to multimedia support. Due to the time sensitive nature, cost and complexity of our products and services, all work requests must have a properly annotated and signed AF 833. The form serves as the initial request for the customer, provides instructions for the request, it's also a means of tracking the job and a source for accounting man-hours and materials. The AF Form 833 is available be clicking
Here or at the Public Affairs office located in rm. 204 in Bldg. 2445.


6252 B St., Bldg 2445 Phone:634-2164Our trained graphics arts professional is eager to assist you to achieve the highest quality results in the shortest amount of time. Professional, complex graphic products take considerable manpower and materials and may require substantial lead time. The best way to meet your needs is a one-on-one consultation to clarify your ideas and achieve your vision.

Our graphic artist strives to provide the best service and products available. We can give your briefings, charts, brochures, etc., that professional edge.

Products and services provided
· Posters
· Publication pages
· Artwork
· Layouts
· Certificate masters and interior and temporary exterior informational signs



Public Affairs

Our Mission: Leverage communication capabilities through an integrated approach using broadcasting, photography and journalism to advance mission priorities.

Our Vision: Communication experts, vital to mission success.

Community Relations

Need a guest speaker? Interested in a base tour? Or want to submit a fly-over request?

here for our Community Relations page.

Public Affairs Specialist

6252 B St., Bldg 2445 Phone: DSN 368-8887

The public affairs specialists are highly trained professionals assigned to provide photographic and video graphic support for base-level managerial, operational, training, educational, historical archiving, investigative and administrative purposes. Additionally we provide the Secretary of Defense, Joints Chiefs of Staff, Air Combat Command, 12th Air Force, and the 9th Reconnaissance Wing with imagery capability in support of operations during crisis, contingencies, exercises, and wartime operations.

Photo products and services provided: 

· Special duty assignment photos
· Quarterly Award winners (Sq level and above)
· ISO Prep photo
· Command photo

*Appointments ONLY * Thurs  8:30 am-3:00 pm
Use SETMORE appointment app on the main website page


In addition to our photo studio, we have highly trained photographers that shoot on location to meet all of your still photo needs.

· Exercise documentation
· Unit Mission Documentation
· Documentary or Historical photography for Air Force and national archives
· Government Property or shipping damage and materials deficiency photos
· Technical order, training descriptive photos
· EOD photo support
· Photojournalism photos for publication
· Official AF awards presentations
· Wing level and above promotion ceremonies
· Retirement ceremonies for CMSgt, 0-6 and above, 30+ year civilians

Alert Photography - Must be contacted through Base Command Post 368-5700 or the Security Forces Law Enforcement Desk 368-2131.

We produce a wide range of video products:

· Mission videos
· Local news highlights
· Ceremony documentations (MAJCOM, Numbered AF, Wing and vice/deputy commanders, General Officers and civilian equivalents)
· Important historical figures
· Order of the Sword recipients

· Aerial aces for accessioning or for media dissemination

Customers requesting a local production should meet with a broadcaster as early as possible before the required completion date. The customer is responsible for providing a basic script and outline of the production.

Customers requesting video support must submit an AF Form 833 at least 5 duty days prior to the event.

Submitting Requests

Photography Requests:
Location photography - 72 hours
Studio photography - by appointments only
Graphics Requests:
Large-scale original designs - by appointments
Self-help projects - first come, first serve
Video Requests:
Productions (local only) - 10 duty days
Documentation only - 5 duty days
Priority 1: Priority Resources, Mishaps, Investigations, Alert Calls
Priority 2: Mission Essential Time critical request.
Priority 3: Routine work requests.
Priority 4: Non-mission critical products - i.e. squadron photos, retirement ceremonies, promotion ceremonies etc.
All Public Affairs Requests:
9rw.pa@us.af.mil or 634-8887
· News Note (Short announcement in High-Flyer oron public website)
· Online Calendar (Event posted on public website calendar)
· Photography (Historical documentation and/or event coverage in PA publication)
· Event Coverage (Story/photo for publication in newspaper, public website and social networking sites)
· News Submission (Requestor submits photos and/or article to PA for placement in High-Flyerand website)
- Hometown News Release submissions
· Public Website (Develop webpage or other feature as appropriate; add full description of request on second page)
· Media Outreach (PA distributes press release and engages local news outlets for event coverage)
· Marquee (Electronic marquees are for displaying messages of interest to a large portion of the base population.)