Worship Services

Roman Catholic Worship at Foothills Chapel

Sunday Mass at 1030

Daily Mass: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1130

Religious Education: Sunday at 0900 - 1000 (During School Year)

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Protestant Christian Worship at Foothills Chapel

Sunday at 0900

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For information for Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other faith needs, please call the Valley Chapel.

Key Role

As spiritual leaders, Chaplains are relied upon for faith and personal guidance. They are also advocates for our Airmen and consult with leadership on moral, ethical and quality-of-life issues.

Contact Information

Chapel Resources


Facility Requests – Click Facility Request Form.


Chaplain Invocation Requests – Click Invocation Request Form.


For After-Duty-Hour Emergencies Contact the Beale Command Post at (530) 634-5700

(Ask for the Duty Chaplain)


For Duty-Hour (0730-1630) Emergencies Contact the Valley Chapel at (530) 634-4705


Chaplains provide 100% privileged communication for counseling.


For questions, please email us at

Religious Support Teams (RSTs)

The Air Force Chaplain Corps is a highly diversified, multicultural and multidenominational community focused on the free exercise of religion for Airmen, their families, and other authorized personnel.  Our ranks include officers, enlisted and civilian personnel working at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. 

Religious Support Teams (RSTs) consist of a Chaplain and a Religious Affairs Airman who focus on caring for warriors and their families. 

When you know someone in need of help, your referral to the Chaplain for a friend in need shows you care. The Religious Support Teams (RSTs) are assigned to Groups, with offices embedded in different locations throughout Beale AFB.  Although they are assigned to groups, you are welcome to seek whom you wish.