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  • “Checking things off the bucket list”

    I returned this past year after being away from my family for 16 months at Incirlik, Turkey. There were a lot of things I missed out on which was challenging for my wife and children. So when I got back it was very important for me to spend lots of quality time with them and pursue meaningful goals

  • “…As long as it comes with good memories…”

    “I lovetraveling. I’m willing to drive eight hours to go on a road trip and stay in aratty motel, as long as it comes with good memories and beautiful views.  I have traveled a lot in the United States,but I have not yet gone overseas. I would love to visit Cambodia and Thailand. Thereis so much to

  • “…I don’t have a problem standing up for myself…”

    “My dad impacted me because he’s always been a hard worker and someone to stand up for others. When I was a kid, he saw a lady being beaten by a large man. Even though he was smaller, he jumped on the bigger guy and got him off of the lady. His actions that day and every day have made me want to be

  • “…This is the busiest time of year for the elves and I…”

    “I was fortunate to visit Beale Air Force Base with my busy schedule. As you all know this is the busiest time of year for the elves and I, we are preparing for the big day. With Beale’s and the 9th Reconnaissance Wing’s assets flying around it makes it more of a challenge to not be seen on

  • “…It’s a different life being a military family…”

    “My family has been very blessed throughout my husband’s military career even when times were challenging. I first met my husband at George Air Force Base near Victorville, California, when I went out celebrating one evening with my friend. Six months later, we got married. Transitioning into a

  • “…it sort of forced me to get out there…”

    “For me, the connection to the thrift shop is through my love of fashion and working in retail since I was 14. When the opportunity came up to be the manager here, I had that immediate connection because of my interest in fashion, but also because it is non-profit and it is for a good cause. During

  • “There’s always something we can do…”

    “There's a place for every specialty in medicine and mental health is where I fit, where I felt I could affect the most change. The thing I always enjoyed going through my training was the stories people brought with them. With mental health, you get to help them with the struggles that they're

  • "...Have an adventure..."

    “I startedout working at a camp in Catalina Island, California. My last summer workingthere I found out recreation isn’t just something you do for fun. Someone Iworked with was getting a degree in recreation and I thought it was a joke, butI looked into it and learned you can do many different