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  • "... I like being busy and figuring out how things work..."

    “I have always liked getting my hands dirty and fixing things. I used to take electronics apart whenever they were broken, so being a maintainer in the Air Force was right up my alley."
  • "...It's all about learning to overcome struggles..."

    "I wanted to write a book to help people find theirpurpose in life. I decided to use tools as a way to explain that. A saw’s purposeis to cut wood just as a hammer’s is to drive a nail. As I was writing, the toolsevolved into characters with names and traits. That led me to gear the booktoward a younger audience. Many children grow up wondering why
  • "...I'm the guy on the grill..."

     "When I was stationed in Japan, my passion for barbeque began. Ibought my first smoker and started barbequing everything: ribs, chicken,brisket, pulled pork. If it can be smoked, I smoke it. My favorite thing tobarbeque is ribs because I have my own special process. Whenever my friends andI get together, I'm the guy on the grill. Right now, I have
  • "...I never slow down..."

    “I have struggled with mental health for the past 12 years.To keep myself going, I like to go on adventures. After a six-day workweek, Ifill my time going to the lake, taking hikes or exploring other outdoorlocations. Fort Bragg, California, is one of my favorites. My friends say Inever slow down, but as long as I’m staying busy, I don’t get stuck
  • "...I'm still human..."

    “I went to the Air ForceAcademy so I’m used to being challenged academically and physically. I thriveoff of hard work and doing well. It’s not abnormal for my duty days to turninto duty nights and I end up as the last one in the office. I take my jobseriously, but I’m still a human. I say crazy things and act goofy, but I wantmy work to speak for
  • "...You have to be on point..."

    "I chose to be the FTAC (First Term Airman Course) Team Leader to interact with the new Airmen. I love being able to mentor them and show them how the operational air force functions. In FTAC, you're one of the first people that the Airmen meet when they get to a new base, so you're setting an example for them. You have to be on point. One thing I
  • "...By Far this is my favorite..."

    "I joined the Air Force in 1966, I found out during tech school I had orders to Beale. I said where the heck is Beale? I had never heard of it. Later I reported into the squadron with the other new Airmen and they introduced us to our leadership and briefed on what we would be doing. We were in hangar two out on the flight line and the Chief took
  • "...We have laughed and cried together..."

    “I can remember my sister and I spending a lot of time together when we were both home schooled. We’ve shared everything together: bathrooms, bedrooms, shared stories of dates gone awry. We have laughed and cried together. As we’ve grown up we have been able to learn from each other and become the people we are today. It’s been a goal of ours to
  • “…If they hadn’t of caught the abscess I probably would have died…Don’t ignore your pain…”

    "I’ve had two deployments, but on my way to the third my appendix ruptured. I felt bad because someone had to short notice deploy for me and it was basically three weeks then you’re gone for six months. It’s always good to be ready. A month before I was scheduled to go on my deployment, I woke up around 3 a.m. from my stomach being tight and in
  • "...I knew I wanted to continue my work with the military..."

    “I knew I wanted to continue my work with the military beyond my 23 years of active duty service. My transition to a contract civilian was seamless but the move from ammunition maintenance to the Optical Bar Camera mission was a big challenge for me. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I look forward to contributing to this mission well into the