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  • A leader's true test

    During my first enlistment I worked as a vehicle mechanic for a technical sergeant who had been in the military for 19 years and was heading toward retirement. He was the leader of our flight and knew the technical aspects of our job like the back of his hand, however this also this clouded his judgment when it came to listening to new ideas from
  • Upgrades to our travelers comfort

    The Gold Country Inn, Beale Air Force Base, Calif., is committed to preserving the high quality of life of the Air Force traveler. Recognizing our facilities are a temporary private home, we strive to please and cheer our guests during their travels. Our most recent endeavors are reflected in buildings 24,176 and 24,177, visiting quarters that most
  • Safety, risks, thanks, appreciation and encouragement

    Every time a 9th Reconnaissance Wing aircraft roars, whines, or buzzes into the skies above Beale Air Force Base, I am reminded how great it is to be a part of this fantastic team of professionals. I like to think of this team as one great big family, and if you work at, live at, or support Team Beale and the 9th RW's worldwide mission in any way,
  • Joining the Beale Honor Guard

    Have you ever wondered about or possibly considered joining the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Honor Guard? One of the longest lasting traditions of military service is the formal creation, development and continued support of the base ceremonial HG. This all-important inherently military function provides support for highly visibly ceremonies including
  • Around Beale

    This is my 5th year at Beale, and I still believe that no place in the Air Force beats this base or its location. I know some people disagree with that, and that's okay. However, I'm going to take this opportunity to discuss some things that being at Beale offers, and hopefully persuade some people to try to discover some things about this area and
  • Every decision counts

    Your Personnel Information File is probably in a locked cabinet somewhere in your commander's front office. The commander's support staff maintains and keeps them ready for review by supervisors, first sergeants, superintendents and commanders. Lots of documentation finds its way into your PIF over the course of your career: in-processing
  • Finding the words

    Recently I had the pleasure of sitting through a Veterans Day celebration at my church. I was touched to hear Bill Keena, a World War II veteran, talk briefly about how his team stormed Omaha Beach. Tearfully, he shared the events of that fateful day; how his craft approached the beach and more than half his unit was killed. After the service a
  • Respecting the chain of command

    Something I've seen in the past few years that disturbs me is the lack of basic customs and courtesies. When I was assigned to my first duty section and upon being introduced to my supervisor, a senior airman, I extended my hand and said "Good to meet you, Ma'am." Not only did my supervisor accept this display of respect, but I'm sure she expected
  • Being a better wingman for yourself and others

    Yeah, we've all heard it a dozen times: Be a good wingman. But have you ever taken time out to think about what it really means to be a good wingman? When folks hear about being a good wingman they think primarily in terms of taking care of a fellow Airman in need. In the simplest of terms, it means looking out for their team members and assisting
  • Know Your Airmen…Be a little Intrusive

    How well do you know your Airmen? Are you as their supervisor a little intrusive in their lives? "You are over 18 and over 100 pounds, you make your own decisions" - many times that is what I say to new Airmen upon their arrival at their first operational assignment. I tell them when they make decisions, they are required to be held accountable for