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  • Are you available for duty?

    During my 22 year career I've picked up quite a few bits of advice, nuggets and M&Ms (mentoring moments) that have shaped my career, beliefs, and overall thoughts about why I serve and what it means to me. Some good, some bad but you learn from it all. About 18 years ago I stumbled across this story

  • Compliance with standards, enforcement

    My son enlisted in the National Guard this past summer and will be heading to Basic Military Training after he graduates from High School in June. A couple of weeks ago while driving to see the movie "Act of Valor", I took the opportunity to impart some wisdom on my son about what to expect during

  • Health doesn't just happen within the doors of the clinic

    I recently returned from the Military Health System Conference ( where much of the discussion centered on improving the health of our beneficiaries and how better health should reduce cost. We have spent much time and money on delivering healthcare, but those dollars have not

  • Beale Closing In On Housing Privatization

    On February 15, 2011, an official news release announced that the Air Force awarded a housing privatization project for the Western Group, consisting of Beale, FE Warren, Wyo., Malmstrom , Mont., and Whitemen, Mo. Barring any unforeseen last minute roadblocks, the keys to Beale's Military Family

  • Oral Health Instructions and Visits to the Dentist for Your Children

    Developing oral hygiene habits early is essential in preventing cavities and helps keep your child's teeth last into adulthood. Set a good example by allowing your child observe you brushing your teeth and practice it every day will go a long way in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. This article

  • Being a part of something bigger

    You go through your entire military career being told that you are "a part of something bigger than yourself." Perhaps one of the coolest things about that is the moment you realize that it is true. I am a Ground Radar Systems Technician, a career field so small that sometimes members of our own

  • The post-inspection doldrums

    It has now been more than six months since the 9th Reconnaissance Wing' s OUTSTANDING Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) and three months since the EXCELLENT Logistics Compliance Assessment Program (LCAP). In a short period of time, the 9th RW proved to Air Combat Command and the Air Force what we

  • Healthy Foods for Healthy Teeth

    A healthy smile is a happy smile! You may be wondering how to achieve a healthy smile for yourself and your children. Just like your physical health, eating healthy foods can improve your dental health. You can provide your child with a healthy diet that can help nurture the growth of their teeth.

  • Bottom line up front

    Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): If you want to more effectively communicate with leaders, co-workers, and subordinates, get to the point.BLUF is an acronym we often see in email correspondence to give the reader a quick summary of the issue addressed. Not only does this method give the reader a quick

  • Living by two simple rules

    Life is full of rules we must follow in accordance with the law and we have our own set of rules we live by based on principles extending from our faith, our upbringing, or a mixture of both. The two rules I want to impart upon you are very simple. They read like so, and if you have had me as a