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  • Keeping Airmen Healthy While the Mission Keeps Going

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 can spread through small droplets released when an infected person coughs or exhales. These droplets land on surfaces around a person and put other people at risk of getting infected. To prevent the spreading of COVID-19, Airmen are sanitizing the U-2 Dragon Lady’s cockpit regularly, ensuring the safety of U-2 pilots and Airmen working on the aircraft.
  • Recce Town restrictions to fight COVID-19

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions have been put on the access to Recce Town and the use of some of its facilities, namely the commissary and the Base Exchange (BX). These restrictions have been put in place to maintain positive quality of life standards for active duty members while still providing retirees access to facilities they earned from their dedicated service.
  • Providing better care with Patient Safety Week

    National Patient Safety Week occurred from 8-14 March 2020. The 9th Medical Group (MDG) dedicated this time to share a growing awareness of patient safety and recognizing health care professionals, non-clinical staff, patients and families for the role they play in health care safety.
  • Public Health: keeping the mission healthy

    Consisting of approximately 10 total force Airmen, Public Health is a relatively small shop within the 9th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron (OMRS). Generally this small shop is known mostly by people preparing to deploy, during times such as where Health Protection Conditions are elevated, this small shop has an increased responsibility.
  • Family care plans: why they matter

    It can be difficult for military parents to provide care for their dependents, especially children, when they are called to serve in an area where their dependents cannot go. This issue of providing care for dependents while deployed or on temporary duty (TDY) is generally solved with a family care plan. This provides powers of attorney to a person of the military members choosing, allowing them to obtain care in the military members place during deployments or TDY.
  • It isn’t broke unless we can’t fix it

    AFREP Airmen work on various equipment from printers, monitors and electronics to U-2 Dragonlady components and so much more. AFREP Airmen save the Air Force money by learning how to repair items instead of sending off items and paying to have it fixed.
  • "No one knows why I didn't die"

    Resolve is the capability to get knocked down and get back up again. Life, especially a military one, has a tendency to challenge people, making this a crucial trait. An example of incredible resolve is Senior Airman Jennifer Carrier, 319th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Detachment 1 unit deployment manager. The first notable demonstration of her strength came just before she was to join the U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Beale instructor gives back life changing mentorship to young Airmen

    In the U.S. Air Force, personal and professional development is something that many Airmen strive for. To obtain this self-improvement, some Airmen require mentorship. Staff Sgt. Justin Johnson takes what he learned from a mentor years ago and passes that knowledge to Airmen at Recce Town.
  • Beale ALS adapts as AF culture changes

    With an instructor cadre of three NCOs and one senior NCO, the Airman Leadership School at Beale AFB may seem small, but they know how they are impacting future leaders of the Air Force. With most of the Senior Airmen students from Beale and a few from surrounding bases, this cadre knows that helping the Air Force’s newest NCOs adapt to a changing culture will need to start with them. “In the Air Force, the one constant is change, and being able to adapt to those changes is critical,” said Master Sgt. StaLissa K. Mendez, the commandant of Beale ALS. “If we are not able to adapt and change with the times, we are going to be left behind.”
  • Windshield Damage On The Road

    Many people have expressed concern about the truck drivers on the road around Beale and how the gravel they carry damage the roads and windshields. Beale partnered with Western Aggregates Company to find a solution on how we can help the community.Beale compiled reports about damage sustained to vehicles from rock trucks. The following is data was