Providing better care with Patient Safety Week

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National Patient Safety Week occurred from 8-14 March 2020. 

The 9th Medical Group (MDG) dedicated this time to share a growing awareness of patient safety and recognizing health care professionals, non-clinical staff, patients and families for the role they play in health care safety. 

The Military Health System has embarked on a continuous journey to provide trusted care to all beneficiaries. Recce Town Medics are committed to providing the highest level of care in the safest manner possible. 

Lynn Bergmann, 9th MDG Patient Safety Program Coordinator, and Ms. Denise Ross, 9th MDG Patient Advocate are critical partners in everything the 9th MDG does. This dynamic duo is responsible for promoting a culture of safety, standardizing processes and partnering with patients to improve health services while promoting a positive experience. 

Anyone interested in helping the clinic provide the safest care possible is encouraged to join the Patient and Family Partnership Council, which advises the 9th MDG Leadership what it can do better.  

Those interested in providing the 9th MDG feedback can contact Ms. Denise Ross at 530-634-4817 to see how they can help.