• 9th Healthcare Operations Squadron

    Mission:Ready Medics supporting Team Beale’s Airmen and their families by promoting mental and physical readiness. Delivers comprehensive primary, pediatric, and specialty care, allergy/immunizations, ambulance, and ancillary operations. Provides a wide-range of administrative and logistical

  • 9th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

    Mission:Optimizes 9 RW high-altitude ISR and tenant ISR, Space Warning, and Tanker airlift missions by maximizing Beale Airmen fitness for global operations. Delivers comprehensive flight medicine, dental and optometric care to treat/prevent disease. Assures safe workplaces, food, water and

  • Legal services

    MISSION:Provide commanders and other Team Beale leaders with essential legal tools, training and support--creating a well-equipped, disciplined force, enabling the wing to provide America with the world's finest High Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance capabilities.LEGAL

  • 13th Reconnaissance Squadron

    MissionThe 13th Reconnaissance Squadron is an associateunit that provides theater commanders with near-real-time intelligence,surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition data. The squadron operatesand maintains deployable, long-endurance RQ-4 Global Hawk aircraft and ground control elements

  • 713th Combat Operations Squadron

    MissionThe mission of the 713th Combat Operations Squadron is to provide steady state, contingency and wartime augmentation to Headquarters Pacific Air Forces Air Force Forces staff through direct augmentation, reach back capability, and the ability to deploy throughout the Pacific Theater. The

  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing

    MissionDeliver persistent, integrated reconnaissance and combat power for our nation. VisionEmpowered Airmen driving decision advantage and lethal force, protecting our way of life.HistoryOn May 1, 1999, the 9th Reconnaissance Wing celebrated the 50th anniversary of its activation at

  • Beale's History: Past to Present

    Mission The 9th Reconnaissance Wing is responsible for providing national and theater command authorities with timely, reliable, high-quality, high-altitude reconnaissance products. To accomplish this mission, the wing is equipped with the nation's fleet of U-2 and RQ-4 reconnaissance aircraft and

  • 9th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

    MissionLaunches, recovers, and maintains USAF U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft fleet in support of operational and training sorties. Manages fleet health to meet peacetime requirements and ensure aircraft availability for all peacetime and wartime taskings. Deploys aircraft, personnel, and

  • 1st Reconnaissance Squadron

    MissionThe 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is responsible for training all High-Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance aircrew for the U-2S Dragon Lady and the RQ-4 Global Hawk.  Aircrew members consist of pilots and mission planners for the U-2S, and pilots and sensor operators for

  • 99th Reconnaissance Squadron

    Mission The 99th Reconnaissance Squadron (99 RS) mission is to employ High Altitude Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance to execute effective and sustained U-2 operations globally.  The 99 RS is a reconnaissance squadron assigned to the 9th Operations Group, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale