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  • Beale Airman receives Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

    An exemplary Beale Airman received recognition from the United States Navy for his extensive efforts and successful execution of a joint-force training event at Recce Town.
  • National Pharmacy Week

    National Pharmacy Week is on the third week of October every year. This is a time to celebrate pharmacy professionals and thank them for the work they do. Members working at Beale’s pharmacy are responsible for dispensing prescribed medications and helping patients understand proper usage and side effects. They ensure that Airmen and their families are provided with the prescription medicine they need, and play an integral part in keeping Recce Town healthy!
  • U-2 Federal Lab achieves flight with Kubernetes

    The U-2 Federal Laboratory successfully leveraged Kubernetes during a local training sortie on a U-2 Dragon Lady assigned to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale Air Force Base, California, on September 22. This represents the first time Kubernetes has flown on an operational major weapon system in the Department of Defense.
  • 9th CONS working hard before close-out

    As the fiscal year comes to an end, Airmen at the 9th Contracting Squadron (CONS) are diligently working to ensure that units at Beale Air Force Base have the commodities and services that they need before the fiscal year close out date.
  • “To quote Dora the explorer ‘I’m the map’”

    Across the country the Department of Defense provided aid to communities in an effort to alleviate some of the strain on civilian healthcare facilities caused by COVID-19. Some examples of this are hospital ships USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy going to New York and Los Angeles respectively, and the Army Corps of Engineers creating alternative care facilities. Beale Air Force Base is no different. While not as visible as a hospital ship, the support that Tech. Sgt. Kevin Cuningham, 9th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) noncommissioned officer in charge of Execution Support, provides to the fight against COVID-19 is essential, and without it the mission would have nowhere to go.
  • Department of the Air Force pushes fitness testing to Jan. 1

    To continue minimizing close contact among personnel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ensure units and personnel are fully ready to resume, testing has been delayed from October to January, and testing in January will move forward without obtaining waist, height and weight measurements.
  • Beale medics delivering hope in trying times

    The coronavirus pandemic has brought about untold amounts of pain and uncertainty across the globe. For the Dumbeck family, a source of joy and hope came to them on June 6th in a way that Recce Town rarely sees.
  • 9th CPTS assists 60th CPTS at Travis AFB

    The LNU Lightning Complex Fire is currently the fourth largest fire in California state history. Many Airmen and their families were forced to evacuate from their homes due to the growing threat of the fire. These evacuations left the 60th Comptroller Squadron (CPTS) at Travis Air Force Base busy after the mandatory evacuation order was lifted.
  • How smoke from wildfires affects your vision

    Stay safe Recce Family! As smoke continues to pose a threat, please remember to make sure you keep your eyes and lungs safe from hazardous air quality.
  • Recce Town takes home MAJCOM award

    Air Combat Command is the primary force provider of combat airpower to war fighting commands, which makes receiving recognition at that level prestigious. Our very own Senior Master Sgt. Adam Barraclough, 9th Security Forces Squadron superintendent, won ACC Senior Non-commissioned Officer (SNCO).