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  • Golf course closing, new recreational activities coming

    The Coyote Run Golf Course at Beale Air Force Base, California is currently in the process of being closed down. The decision was made due to decreased utilization and revenue generated from the golf course.
  • Department of the Air Force releases findings on racial disparity review

    The Department of the Air Force released its report on the findings of an Air Force Inspector General independent review into racial disparity Dec. 21. The full report is available for download on AF.mil.
  • Old dog teaches DOD new tricks: U-2 achieves first military flight with artificial intelligence

    The U.S. Air Force flew artificial intelligence as a working aircrew member for the first time yesterday, signaling a major leap forward for national defense in the digital age. The AI algorithm, developed by Air Combat Command’s U-2 Federal Laboratory, flew aboard a U-2 Dragon Lady assigned to Beale AFB, better known as Recce Town, USA. Developed by a small team of researchers led by Maj Ray Tierney, the algorithm trained the AI to execute specific in-flight tasks that would otherwise be accomplished by the pilot. The Beale team designed this algorithm in response to a direct challenge from Dr. Will Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. Dr. Roper posed the challenge to Beale’s Federal Lab only two months ago, increasing the significance of the accomplishment. The lab executed Roper’s challenge with an AI design capable of application beyond the U-2 to further strengthen joint all-domain command and control across the entire DOD.
  • Beale's K-9, EOD flights conduct collaborative training

    The missions found on Beale vary widely, from high altitude intelligence, to aerial refueling, and also to space detection and observance. It’s only through the cooperation amongst these missions, and Airmen, that they can continue upholding national security.
  • Upcoming minimum-manning and reduced operations to break COVID exposure chain

    Unit commanders will scale back operations within their organizations to further reduce COVID-19 exposure risk beginning December 8, 2020. Changes will include reduced office manning, increased telework, and essential only flying. Various ‘no-fail’ missions will continue to operate. Members are directed to contact their chain of command if they have any questions. 
  • Beale Airman receives Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

    An exemplary Beale Airman received recognition from the United States Navy for his extensive efforts and successful execution of a joint-force training event at Recce Town.
  • National Pharmacy Week

    National Pharmacy Week is on the third week of October every year. This is a time to celebrate pharmacy professionals and thank them for the work they do. Members working at Beale’s pharmacy are responsible for dispensing prescribed medications and helping patients understand proper usage and side effects. They ensure that Airmen and their families are provided with the prescription medicine they need, and play an integral part in keeping Recce Town healthy!