• Women Leading Women: Master Sgt. Jessica Abad

    Master Sgt. Jessica Abad joined the U.S. Air Force 17 years ago as an airborne cryptologic language analyst. At that time, women occupied 14.4% of the Air Force and an even smaller percentage contributed to the population of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance warriors.

  • My Air Force Experience

    When people look up at the sky and see planes defying the laws of gravity, sound and speed, the first thought on making the impossible possible is not often about the aircraft maintainers. Yet it’s the maintainers and their meticulous attention to detail and technical expertise that ensures each

  • TU-2S Dragon Lady 1078’s Resurrection: Rebirth of the “Silver Dragon”

    TU-2S Dragon Lady 1078’s silver frame stood out in the sunny blue sky, Feb. 15, as it conducted its first flight in 1,030 days. After almost three years of extensive maintenance in a collaborative effort between the 9th Maintenance Group and Lockheed Martin, aircraft 1078 spread her wings again.On

  • First Bath, Last Breath

    No barriers have been broken, and no pioneering firsts have been achieved. I don’t fly planes, and I don’t load bombs. Feeling like a legitimate Airman can be challenging when I am not calling in air strikes or digesting endless streams of intel footage. I often feel like a fraud when someone thanks

  • Serving our Country is What I Love

    At 21 years old, I was so excited to serve, and I didn’t even realize I was getting paid for it. Coming from a household supported by the Pell Grant, and at times welfare, that first airman 1st class paycheck shocked me.The only person in my family who had served was a grandparent drafted into the

  • New Paws on the Ground

    Beale’s K-9 unit recently welcomed a 66 pound, friendly Belgian Malinois into the unit. Military Working Dog (MWD) Azur is a new narcotics detection dog and was brought in to replace one of the other dogs in the unit when they retired.

  • Maintaining International Partnerships

    In the fields of Beale AFB, looms a large concrete structure home to the 7 Space Warning Squadron (7 SWS). The U.S. Space Force unit is geographically separated from its home station at Space Delta 4, Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado.  7 SWS is charged with monitoring the North American space