• Beale Airmen bring life to the dragon of Maryville’s 143rd Bok Kai Parade

    The cold air sweeping through the overcast day, Feb. 25, did little to dissuade the crowds gathered to celebrate the 143rd Bok Kai parade, California’s oldest continuously held parade.The parade is held each year to honor Bok Eye, the Chinese Water God said to protect Marysville from flooding. It

  • Marysville Veterans Day Parade

    Up and down the streets of downtown Marysville, California, hundreds of people gather for one the biggest parades in northern California. The Marysville Veterans Day parade is an annual parade that proceeds to get bigger every year.This year was the first year Beale Air Force Base has participated

  • Honoring those who served on Veterans Day

    Veterans Day is a day that allows men and woman across the U.S. and even around the world a chance to recognize and honor those men and women who served and are still serving in the Armed Forces."It's really gratifying that there is so much support for the veterans and the active duty members and it