Communications Airmen make small differences in a big way

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shawn Nickel
  • 9th RW Public Affairs
In modern warfare, keeping good communication moving up and down the line can be critical to keeping Beale's 24/7 missions operating smoothly.

A team of experts with the 9th Communications Squadron provides service to customers with communication problems and requirements -- often being the one-stop shop to get the right people on the job to fix the issue quickly.

"The Communication Focal Point acts as the face of the operations and maintenance aspect of this squadron," said Staff Sgt. Carys Cloudwalker, 9th CS NCO in charge of the CFP. "What really makes our unit shine is the knowledge of our experienced Airmen and section leads."

These section leads ensure that senior leaders' communications requirements are met and track down the specialists needed to fix problems as they arise, he said. But senior leaders are not the only focus for this team.

"We take care of everyone," said Cloudwalker. "A lot of times people look at the Air Force and judge it off the planes in the sky. For us, each Airman from the wing commander or maintenance technician to the support people ensuring our basic needs, are important customers."

Ensuring crystal-clear communication means the people in the CFP have their work cut out for them. Handling more than 100 calls a day isn't abnormal and keeps this small shop on their toes said Cloudwalker.

Workers in the focal point are selected for their ability to think through these various communications issues and respond appropriately and professionally.

One of the team leads, Staff Sgt. Karla Crapser, said being able to make small and big differences makes the constant workload of the CFP all worth it.

"With today's technology being able to make so much happen so easily, the same goes the other way," she said. "Every road block we overcome means the mission keeps moving. That is the reason I am here ready for each challenge."