• Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Shaei Rodriguez
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

Air Combat Command's senior leadership team and their spouses visited Beale on June 2, to strengthen the connection between local missions and ACC priorities.

Gen. Ken Wilsbach, commander of ACC, and Chief Master Sgt. David Wolfe, ACC command chief, along with spouses Cindy Wilsbach, and Dr. Doniel Wolfe, had the opportunity to embed with the mission to provide guidance and support during their first visit to Beale AFB.

Wilsbach underwent training and participated in a high-altitude flight in the U-2 Dragon Lady to experience its imagery and signals intelligence capabilities. Flight academics, parachute training, aircrew life support equipment and egress training are essential components to achieve a successful high flight.

"Flying in the U-2 was an incredible experience that gave me a profound appreciation for its reconnaissance capabilities," said Wilsbach. "The dedication and expertise of the pilots, maintainers, and technicians who drive this mission every day are truly impressive. Their commitment ensures that we continue to excel in intelligence gathering, which is vital for our national security."

Maintaining proficiency in the U-2 requires hours of trainer flight experience. The T-38 Talon is used as a companion trainer to effectively run the U-2 program. Wolfe had an opportunity to experience the superior capability of the jet during his visit.

Team Beale has a diverse populace with a variety of Air and Space Force active-duty, Guard, and Reserve career fields providing combat air, space, and cyberspace power and support to our warfighting commands. During the leaders' visit, Wolfe spoke to Airmen about their contributions to the fight, readiness and staying resilient in the face of a growing peer adversarial threat - China.

"That's what ACC and moving around the Pacific is all about-not only creating capability for us but also giving China another dilemma," said Wolfe. "We've got to create those for China in any way, shape, or form."

Cindy Wilsbach and Doniel Wolfe received direct feedback from Airmen during their tour, to help develop policies that further enhance quality of life. This ensures families are taken care of and fosters a stronger network of assistance and care.

The visit by the ACC command team and their spouses aimed to bolster alignment with ACC priorities. Genuine interactions with personnel emphasized the critical role Airmen play in the mission and showcased the senior leadership team's commitment to prioritizing direct feedback to help streamline improvements in mission strategies.