9th Security Forces Cops Corner

Gate Notice

In effort to gather data for future gate operation constructs, the 9 SFS is going to conduct a gate traffic study from 19-23 March 2018.  Beginning at 0500 on 19 Mar and continuing until 2100 on 23 Mar, all gates will be open 24 hours a day.  During this time we ask that all personnel use the gates that are most conducive to their work and lifestyle.  Upon completion of the study we will use the data in conjunction with multiple other sources of data to help determine which gates stay open and for what hours during different Force Protection environments.  Our goal is to create a positive effect for the most amount of people possible, while maintaining a safe and secure environment for all.  Thank you for all of your support.


Deer Strikes Cause Minor Vehicle Damage

It is common for wildlife to populate the areas around Wheatland Gate and housing.  Drivers are advised to use caution when travelling around these areas and the installation as a whole.  9 SFS Patrolmen responded to multiple deer strikes within housing and near the Wheatland Gate.  No injuries were reported, and the vehicles involved, sustained minor damages.  The Game Warden responded and collected the deer carcasses.

Joyride Leads to DUI Arrest

9 SFS Gate Guards reported a Non-affiliated Civilian had approached Schneider Gate due to a wrong turn.  During the initial contact interview, the Gate Guards noticed the scent of an illegal substance and detained the individual until backup arrived.  Once on-scene, the SF Patrolmen continued the investigation and found the driver to be in possession of a stolen vehicle and Marijuana.  The driver was later determined to be under the influence of narcotics.  The individual was then cited and released to CHP for further processing.

Assistance Rendered to Suicidal Individual

A suicidal individual approached the Schneider gate stated she was in need of assistance and may harm herself.  Responding patrols calmed the individual and contacted the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department for a California Welfare and Institution Code (WIC) 5150 assistance.  The individual was released to the California Highway Patrol for medical evaluation.

SF skill set Leads to the Apprehension of a Drunk Driver and Preventing Unauthorized Entry

A driver traveling on Hamilton-Smartsville Road unknowingly approached the Doolittle gate.   The 9 SFS Airmen at the gate stopped the vehicle and utilizing his training, detected the signals associated with being under the influence and apprehended the individual for driving while intoxicated. The driver blew a .22 BAC and was cited with driving under the influence, operating a vehicle without a driver’s license and possessing an open container while driving. The civilian driver was turned over to the Yuba County Sherriff’s Department for further processing.

DBIDS Identifies Wanted Individual

Proper identification of personnel and vehicles entering and exiting Beale Air Force Base is necessary to provide a safe environment in which to live and work.  It also provides for the protection of government property and operational resources.  The Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) is an access control system designed to enhance force protection and identification management capturing and storing biometric data of personnel that frequently access the installation.  Notification was received via the DBIDS system while conducting base entry procedures at the Vassar Lake Gate of a warrant issued from the Marysville Police Department for vehicle theft.  Security Forces members acted on the information and were able to detain the individual and turn him over to the Yuba County Sherriff’s Department for further processing.

Emergency Assistance Rendered

The 9th SFS Base Operations Control Center received a notification of an unconscious personnel, prompting the immediate response of Fire Department personnel, 9 MDG personnel along with SF Patrolman.  SF Patrolman arrived on scene providing assistance awaiting the arrival of EMS personnel.  The individual was evaluated and transported off base for further treatment.

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