• Air Force dentist presents innovative military healthcare research at AMSUS

    The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic was a challenging time for everyone, particularly for medical facilities and its practitioners. Soaring patient numbers, quarantine closures, and a shortage of healthcare professionals made in-person hospital care difficult for patients of COVID-19

  • Roads to Runways: Beale's Inaugural Auto Expo

    The California sun beamed down as 428 cars poured onto the Beale AFB flight line on May 18, 2024. Eager guests showed up early, forming lines at the entrance waiting for the first ever Beale Auto Expo to begin.The Auto Expo provided a unique open house opportunity for Beale AFB to invite the local

  • Meet Janie Nall: Beale Air Force Base civic leader

    From chairman of the Beale Military Liaison Council (BMLC) to Air Combat Command (ACC) civic leader, Janice “Janie” Nall has built a long career at Beale AFB and even stronger relationships with its Airmen, Guardians, and leaders. Nall started her career at Beale when the BMLC was founded.

  • Define, Analyze, and Test - Training to Build Better Working Environments

    Communication is a fundamental part of professional and personal aspects of life. Learning how to relay information effectively can sometimes be a challenge.Beale introduced the Warfighter-Centered Design(WCD)/Military Scrum Master (MSM) dual course to all members of team Beale as the latest effort

  • Political activity Do's and Don’ts for Airmen, Guardians, DoD employees

    In our democracy, elections are quite common, and with a presidential election this year, we can expect many opportunities for citizens to participate in the democratic process. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of specific guidelines that apply to service members and federal employees

  • Beale’s Sheet Metal Shop: A Link in the Chain of American Airpower

    In ancient times, blacksmiths morphed metal to create the tools and weapons that won wars. Today, Aircraft Structural Maintenance (ASM) Airmen continue that tradition by forging strength in the modern skies.The 9th Maintenance Squadron (MXS) ASM shop is responsible for ensuring the structural

  • Sword Athena: A Year of Progress at Beale

    SWORD ATHENA was established in 2020 and is composed of Airmen across ACC with the goal to identify, tackle, and propose solutions to female and family centric barriers to readiness.Beale’s local team was founded in February 2023 in order to combat some of the clear disadvantages that service women

  • Perspectives from 20 years in AMMO

    I joined the Air Force in October 2003, and have been an AMMO troop for over 20 years now. I’ve have had assignments to Barksdale Air Force Base, Osan Air Base twice, Seymour Johnson, and then 9 years at Nellis AFB before getting picked up to be an instructor at Beale AFB for the 9th Munitions