Community Relations

Beale Air Force Base is located in Northern California and is home to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing. The wing is responsible for providing national and theater command authorities with timely, reliable, high-quality, high-altitude reconnaissance products. To accomplish this mission, the wing is equipped with the nation's fleet of U-2 and RQ-4 reconnaissance aircraft and associated support equipment. The wing also maintains a high state of readiness in its expeditionary combat support forces for potential deployment in response to theater contingencies. The 9th Reconnaissance Wing is composed of more than 7,000 personnel in four groups at Beale, one group at Grand Forks AFB and multiple overseas operating locations.

Fly-over Requests

Persons or organizations wishing to request a fly-over from a 9th Reconnaissance Wing aircraft or static display for their events must visit the USAF Aerial Events website and click on the "New Requests" tab.

Follow all directions and fill out the aerial support request form then submit it to the Secretary of Air Force Public Affairs.

Requestors should know Beale cannot provide aerial support for an event until it has been approved by SAF/PA. Also, once an event is approved by SAF/PA, that does not mean Beale has committed to supporting the event. Due to high operations tempo and the number of aerial support requests the 9th RW receives, the base does not have the aircraft or manpower to support all requests.

Once SAF/PA has approved an event and after Beale has been notified, a member of the public affairs staff will be in contact the requestor to notify him/her if Beale can support his/her event.

Finally, all events Beale agrees to support tentative pending real-world requirements.

Base Tours

Is your organization interested in a base tour?

Beale welcomes visitors; it gives them a better understanding of the wide variety of activities and missions the 9th Reconnaissance Wing and U.S. Air Force is performing. We ask that group sizes be between 15 to 40 people with a minimum age of 13.

Tours can last anywhere from a 45-minute windshield tour up to several hours, depending on how many organizations a group would like to visit. Most tours are held between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Fridays only due to mission and manpower requirements.

Tours are conducted between March and October due to inclement weather.

To request a tour, please contact the 9th RW Public Affairs Office at 530-634-8887 or e-mail at

Speakers Bureau

Interested in having an AF Speaker?

Beale's Speakers Bureau

The Beale AFB speaker's Bureau is composed of Airmen of all ranks and from all career fields who volunteer their time to speak in the community.
Most requests for speakers come from area schools and civic organizations. Our speakers Bureau can be a valuable resource for your club or organization to learn more about Beale and the people who perform it's mission.

To request an AF speaker, please contact the 9th RW Public Affairs Office at 530-634-8887 or e-mail at