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9th Civil Engineering Squadron
  • Beale‚Äôs three Cs finalize pool renovation contract

    Team Beale held a contract signing regarding renovations to the pool in base housing Oct. 5, 2017, at Beale Air Force Base. The contract signing involved representatives from the 9th Comptroller Squadron, 9th Civil Engineer Squadron, and 9th Contracting Squadron as well the company awarded the contract.
  • Beale EOD participates in Urban Shield

    9th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance technicians participated in Urban Shield Sept. 10, 2017 in Dublin, California. Urban Shield is an exercise, which evaluates the response capabilities of law enforcement agencies and military units in the area. Beale EOD sent a team to Urban Shield to build relationships with civilian law enforcement agencies, and train on a variety of different scenarios.
  • Maintaining the depths

    Clothed in a full-body, white protective suit, knee-high rubber boots and a gas mask, a senior airman lowered himself into a man-hole. With each step further down the burnt orange, rusted ladder, the darkness swallowed him until he was completely gone from sight.