• EOD training, GOLDEN CRAB, simulating deployment grows in its second year

    Some of the Air Force’s most dangerous missions are undertaken by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squads regardless of the hostilities and hazards of an unpredictable environment. Dangerous and ever evolving threats to people and property requires special skills and tools that are honed and

  • Beale's K-9, EOD flights conduct collaborative training

    The missions found on Beale vary widely, from high altitude intelligence, to aerial refueling, and also to space detection and observance.It’s only through the cooperation amongst these missions, and Airmen, that they can continue upholding national security.

  • Recce Town Airman using EOD capabilities to make PPE

    During normal operations the 9th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) flight disposes of unexploded munitions that pose a danger to Beale or the surrounding community. Senior Airman Jace Zook, 9th CES EOD technician, has found a way to use EOD Flight’s capabilities to help

  • EOD techs attend tactical combat casualty care course

    Explosive ordnance disposal technicians from the 9th Civil Engineer Squadron attended tactical combat casualty care course April 30, 2019, at Beale Air Force Base, California. TCCC is designed to teach techniques and strategies for providing trauma care in a warzone.

  • EOD demonstrates capabilities

    The 9th CES has started an initiative to expose Airmen in their different units to EOD operations and demonstrate how the EOD team is both a unit which has a hand in installation support and war-fighting operations. This initiative is designed to improve communication across career field in CE.

  • Beale EOD participates in Urban Shield

    9th Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance technicians participated in Urban Shield Sept. 10, 2017 in Dublin, California. Urban Shield is an exercise, which evaluates the response capabilities of law enforcement agencies and military units in the area. Beale EOD sent a team to Urban Shield to

  • EOD travels to Kingsley

    A team of explosive ordnance disposal technicians from the 9th Civil Engineer Squadron traveled to Kingsley Field, Oregon and removed a hung flare from an F-15 Eagle Feb. 6. A hung flare occurs when a flare doesn’t fire like it is supposed to. When this occurs, the flare is considered armed and

  • Beale EOD diffuse simulated crisis situation

    Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians assigned to the 9th Civil Engineer Squadron, participated in Operation: Half-Life, May 5, 2016, at Clear Lake, California. The exercise was designed to evaluate a synchronized, multi-agency response to a crisis situation.