• “...Setting me up for success in the nursing field…”

    “I was in college for a little over a year and a half studying nursing and that is the reason I am in the Air Force now. My goal was to become a registered nurse so when I heard about the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program it sparked my interest. When I joined I tried to go into a medical career

  • “...I never used to drink coffee...”

    “I’ve been working here for five years so I pretty much manage all three of our locations on base, although I’m typically at the med clinic. I ended up becoming a barista because my mom bought this about six years ago while I was playing football at Sacramento City College. She needed some help so I

  • “...Have a hard time comprehending it…”

    I just got back from my first deployment. I was notified four days before I ended up leaving. The member who was tasked originally fell out last minute, so I volunteered for the deployment. Going ended up being the best thing to happen in my career. I have always been on the personnelist side of the

  • “...Sense of fulfillment…”

    "When I came into the Air Force I was originally trying to become a pararescueman. I eventually self-eliminated during the process. After that I was given the opportunity to change jobs and became a medical technician. I have really enjoyed it, and recently started working on the ambulance at the

  • "...The sense of responsibility..."

    “I grew up with horses and I think the horse bug is genetic. My mom would train other people’s horses in exchange for rides. Now my husband and I, along with our 7 year old son, each own a horse at Beale. Horses are great for any age group, for those with or without disabilities and for those who

  • “...Making a positive impact on the world...”

    “I climbed the corporate ladder in the civilian world. I had put a lot of time and effort into getting there and I thought I had finally reached the apex of my career. I thought when I got to that point I would feel really good about what I was doing, but it just wasn’t so. I would work up to 110

  • “...You never know until it happens...”

    “It was around 7:00 a.m. and I was driving towards the Vassar Lake Gate when a family of deer crossed the road. There were three cars ahead of me and the first car stopped to avoid the deer. The second vehicle slowed down enough to where it only caused a little fender bender; The third vehicle

  • “...I was 10 years old when 9/11 happened…”

    “I was 10 years old when 9/11 happened. I found out about it during school. Seeing everything that was happening was crazy and I didn’t really understand everything going on at a young age. Now, as a member of the military and a firefighter I draw inspiration from the sacrifices all the first

  • “...If you aren’t trying to evolve, you are falling behind...”

    “When I graduated college I didn’t receive any job offers so, I decided to join the service. I am happy with my decision. The Air Force enabled me to see the world through a different lense and helped me grow. I have learned about responsibility, accountability, and discipline. When I go back to the