"...you can't stop doing what you love to do..."

  • Published
  • By Robert Scott
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs
"I played a lot of sports during my life--football, baseball, basketball, even soccer. I always gave the game my best with the goal of going to the championships. As the captain of my high school baseball team I noticed some players didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm as I did resulting in the loss of synergy. At one point, I got upset and argued with the coach about it and unfortunately he kicked me off the team. It's like a part of me died that day. After that engagement I realized that you can't stop doing what you love to do and went back to the coach and apologized. He saw that I was passionate and understood my frustration. He asked me, 'Are you going to come to next game?' I did, and we won that next game. Through that experience I learned that everyone is different."

Staff Sgt. Jason, 38th Intelligence Squadron

Hometown: Yonkers, New York

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