Advantages of the library

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Connie May
  • 9th Force Support Squadron commander
The 9th Force Support Squadron is a dynamic, complex and forward thinking squadron. It is constantly evolving. One such entity currently undergoing transformation is the legacy services functions. Prior to deciding upon what to write about, I had bounced around several ideas. Then, one day while in the Air Force Portal I came across something new that I did not know about and thought maybe you do not know about it either. It was then that I decided to write on the Hub Zemke Library which is located here. Another reason for selecting the library was due to a transformation concept called "eLearning Center" that Hub Zemke is already in the midst of becoming.

Sally Morral, lead library technician, told me "The Hub Zemke Library is so much more than just your standard library with books on shelves. It is a learning resource center as well." Its mission is three-fold: Mission Support, Education, and Quality of Life.

Digital resources are nothing new to the Hub Zemke Library. They have a vast online library, which is grouped into five main categories: Education, Personal Development, eAudio/eBooks, Language, and Mission Resources. The more popular sites include EBSCO Host,, Peterson's, Overdrive, Transparent Language Online and Mango Military Language. Additionally, the library offers unique resources such as an investment site on Morning Star, family research on Heritage Quest, a digital library for young children on Tumble Book Library, an auto repair reference center and an entire university for personal development and continuing-education units.

The Mission Resources section has 12 important sites and publications. These consist of Jane's Online, Military Periscope, Global Incident Map, Country Watch, Newsbank, Early Bird Current Armed Forces News, Federal Employees News Digest, PressDisplay, Aviation Weekly Intelligence Network, Faulkner Security Management, Culture Grams, and Stratfor. To enhance the support offered, the Hub Zemke Library has Nook e-readers available for checkout to Senior NCO Academy students for the duration of their course. Many of the mission resources are pre-downloaded onto Kindle Fire reading devices, which are available for checkout.

Another great feature the library has is a consolidated Air Force Chief of Staff reading list complete with availability options. This is a must for anyone wishing to get a head start for in-residence professional military schools.

Hub Zemke Library has a well trained and educated staff who will gladly help any patron with questions, concerns, referencing, and advice. They are available to help anyone navigate the impressive and vast online library. Additionally, you can pick up a pamphlet detailing the online resources. You can also inform a staff member you would like to set up an account with one or some of your online choices and they will gladly get you started. The online site for access begins at: If you have not taken advantage of what the Hub Zemke library has to offer, you are missing out on some great resources free of charge.