Beale Strives Towards Financial Freedom

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexis Pentzer
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

One of the first things most people worry about in their adult life is money. Financial readiness is key to managing personal and professional finances and coping with emergencies.

Military members in particular face unique and complex situations such as deployments, family separations, frequent moves, spouse employment issues and many other stressful situations that require a heightened level of importance be placed on their financial readiness. Professional Financial Resources services assist service members in maximizing income, controlling expenses, using credit wisely and saving/investing to ensure future goals are attainable. Being informed and prepared can help Airmen face life challenges easier and more effectively.

“We try to eliminate any roadblock that would prevent Airmen from trying to improve their financial readiness,” said Anne Noll, 9th Force Support Squadron, Military and Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) community readiness consultant. “We offer a variety of ways for Airmen to start or continue their financial readiness journey. Classes are a great way to start, one-on-one counseling sessions can be effective as well.”

The M&FRC provides financial education, information and counseling that equips service members to address their current personal financial situations, maximize their financial resources and effectively handle any financial challenges that may arise throughout their military life cycle. The M&FRC offers several opportunities to take classes for individual Airmen or as a whole unit so everyone can benefit from the resources and information available to them. Zoom appointments are also available for those with non-traditional work schedules. In addition to classes, financial counseling is also an option for those who feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

“Every Airman I see has their own story, unique circumstances and their own values around their personal financial readiness,” Noll said. “I really see my job as getting to know my clients and helping them to achieve their financial goals. I try to help my clients identify appropriate goals and create a plan for them to achieve their goals.”

The vision of the financial readiness program is to foster a culture that values financial literacy and competency. Financial literacy and competency varies greatly so meeting the Airmen where they are is essential to provide the appropriate tools for them to responsibly and effectively manage their personal finances.

“Ms. Noll spoke with over half of the 9th Maintenance Squadron (MXS) through our Airman-4-Life program on the importance of Financial Readiness and how it impacts our ability to serve effectively,” said Master Sgt. Garrett White, 9th MXS accessories flight chief. “She educated our team on the importance of balancing debt, nurturing an emergency fund, and investing in your Thrift Savings Plan & Blended Retirement System. Ms. Noll provided invaluable information and reinforced smart money habits that can protect our financial stability in the present and future.”

Financial readiness is something that everyone needs to learn so they are prepared for emergencies that might occur in their personal and professional lives. The M&FRC has the resources that will help Airmen learn how to be financially responsible.