Don't Let the Sun Ruin Your Fun

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexis Pentzer
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

Memorial Day to Labor Day marks the 101 Critical Days of Summer. While everyone is eager to pack up the car and go on an adventure, the hottest days of the summer need a little more caution than most.


Beale AFB is situated in very hot weather during this time frame and so people are encouraged to take some extra precautions when doing activities in the surrounding area. The 9th Reconnaissance Wing safety team makes sure to keep Beale Airmen informed so everyone can go out and enjoy their summer safely.


“This is when more people are going out and doing more summer activities,” said Master Sgt. Jose Martinez, 9th Reconnaissance Wing safety team superintendent. “When people are more active, it could lead to a mishap so that's why we want to be on top of it beforehand and make sure everyone's aware to be prepared before they go out.”


The safety team provides all kinds of information from knowing what personal protection equipment to take for watersports to proper fire safety while camping. They also send out pamphlets on different safety topics once a week that unit safety representatives are encouraged to pass out to Airmen.


There is information on different kinds of safety precautions like, water, sports and recreation, fire, wildlife, roadway and even summer holiday safety. Summer activities can be a lot of fun but it's important to be cautious so no one gets sunburnt, dehydrated or another heat related illness.


Fire safety is very prevalent for the Beale community during this time of year. Wildfires have a tendency to happen quite often so it is crucial to know basic fire safety measures when in the local area.


“It's more than just 101 Critical Days,” said Michael Harris, 9th RW occupational safety specialist. “It's a lifestyle. It's just certain things you need to be cognizant of, especially around this time of year and when the grass is so dry throughout the year.”


Wildlife is another thing that Beale residents are very familiar with. From rattlesnakes to turkeys to coyotes, Beale AFB has quite the wildlife population that people need to be aware of and learn how to deal with.


“Keep your distance.” Martinez said. “Don't be aggressive with them and make sure to back away slowly. Let them do their thing and let them walk away.”


Northern California has a lot to offer in activities and wildlife, but it is crucial to remain vigilant and prepared so no one gets hurt. For more information and resources on safety, go to