Retirement Resources

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Alexis Pentzer
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

The Retirees Activities Office is a resource available on every base to retirees and active duty as well as their families; meant to provide information,
services and referrals to help individuals considering retirement.

Retired Chief Master Sergeant Dave Johnson has been running the Recce Town RAO since 2019. The RAO is run by both military retirees and volunteers who wish to help out the retirement community.

RAO volunteers continually assist people with finding and accessing military benefits. This includes information about websites like myPay and MyAirForceBenefits. These sites offer information on state taxes, education benefits, employment benefits, health and insurance, and Veteran Affairs facilities.

Volunteers work to spread information about benefits troops receive after retiring by answering questions or calls from people asking about certain programs as well as meeting face to face with people who are wanting to learn more about the community.

“Most of the information we provide is publicly available,” said Johnson. “It's just a matter of knowing what you need and when to get the information.”

Whether sending newsletters by email or even through the mail, the RAO is always ensuring retirees and community members stay informed.

“If anybody requests information on a particular subject and they don't have computer access, we’re able to go ahead and obtain that information.” Johnson said. “We’re more than happy to get that to them. Just because some people feel like computers are beyond them, doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to that information.”

If you have questions about how the RAO can assist you or your family call (530) 634-2157 or email at

For more information, visit the RAO page on the Beale AFB website at