Helping Families Turn the Page During COVID-19

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Taylor White
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

Through this time of COVID-19, schools are closed and people are working from home. Parents have become their children’s sole entertainment and interaction. With these adjustments, mothers and fathers are continuously searching for creative outlets to keep their children productive.

Chief Master Sgt. Lonnie Stamper, 9th Munitions Squadron superintendent, found a way to work with his own family and their non-profit to provide relief for families fighting to find resources for their kids.

“The Literacy Club (TLC) is a non-profit organization that’s actually run by my Aunt and Uncle,” Stamper said. “Since 2015 they’ve given away 175,000 books”.

Stamper recognized the opportunity to aid in creating an outlet for parents who may need an extra tool in their toolbox.

“With the country on lockdown due to COVID-19 and all the schools closed, TLC started the, ‘Be a Book Hero giveaway’,” Stamper said. “This program has given away over 26,000 books since the 19th of March, and over 700 of those books were given out to kids whose family works within the AMMO community”.

Stamper and his wife Jen packed up their truck and took a trip to southern California. As luck would have it, their trip happened just days prior to the latest two-hour travel restriction.

Upon their return, the Stampers established a delivery drop off grid and conducted a delivery route circumventing the entirety of the AMMO families homes. By the end of their days of delivery, they had dropped off books to 65 children from 37 families.

“My two oldest kids love books so much,” said Master Sgt. Aaron Moore, 9th Civil Engineering Squadron, unaccompanied housing superintendent. “It was nice to get something newer to read to them rather than the same ‘ole book all the time.”

Acts of kindness such as Stamper’s spearheading in the, ‘Be A Book Hero’ campaign is a small example of how Recce Town Airmen are finding way to provide support across the base.   

“Our family has always found a lot of joy in reading,” Stamper said. “We thought it would be a great way to spread joy to the fAMMOly.”

To find out how you can take part in The Literacy Club or opportunities they provide to children during these trying times, contact Chief Stamper at: