Doctor's Orders

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Shawn Bryant

Other than washing your hands, maintaining 6 feet of physical distance, and wearing a face covering, the most important thing that everyone can do to help stop the spread of COVID-19 is to stay informed as new information becomes available. 

It is vital that Airmen understand some key differences in some of the various degrees of protective measures that can be put in place if there is a concern of exposure.

Col. Elizabeth Casstevens, 9th Medical Group Deputy Commander, says, “The location a member is traveling to is not the sole determining factor as to whether a member needs to be quarantined or not.  There are several factors involved such as where you are going, what the conditions are there, and how many people a person may come into contact with.”

She further explains that a risk assessment that includes these and other factors will determine what status a member may be placed in upon their return.

“Ill equals isolation because they have symptoms.  Quarantine is different because they don’t have symptoms, but they have possibly come into contact with someone who has the virus.” Col. Casstevens said. Both quarantine and isolation are types of restriction of movement.

Members who are placed under quarantine should stay at home, self-monitor their temperature, and remain alert for cough or difficulty breathing. If symptoms arise they need to immediately notify their supervisor and/or chain of command and seek advice by phone from the appropriate healthcare provider to determine how to proceed.

Col. Andy Clark, Commander, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, says, “I think it’s smart for command teams to get an expert opinion from the med group about their member.”

If you or your family member suspects they have been exposed to COVID-19 please contact the COVID-19 hotline at (530) 634-2941 opt. 9 to determine if you need to schedule an acute appointment.  Please do not report directly to the 9th Medical Group Clinic without an appointment as there are protective protocols that need to be in place prior to your arrival.