Family care plans: why they matter

  • Published
  • By Airman Jason W. Cochran
  • 9RW/PA

It can be difficult for military parents to provide care for their dependents, especially children, when they are called to serve in an area where their dependents cannot go.

This issue of providing care for dependents while deployed or on temporary duty (TDY) is generally solved with a family care plan. This provides powers of attorney to a person of the military members choosing, allowing them to obtain care in the military members place during deployments or TDY.

Family care plans are not the only powers of attorney that a person can get to ensure proper care of their children, said a paralegal specialist from the 9th Reconnaissance Wing Judge Advocate office. Another document that military members can obtain is an in loco parentis standby guardian powers of attorney.

The standby guardian powers of attorney provides members the opportunity to give people they trust the capacity to obtain care for their dependents in case of events other than deployments or TDY.

“I personally have a standby guardian my mother in law keeps in her purse,” said the paralegal specialist. “If I’m not there for whatever reason and my daughter needs emergency care, she can take her and get her the help she needs.”

All military members can obtain a standby guardian powers of attorney at: then click on “legal worksheets” and select “create powers of attorney worksheet”.

After filling out the worksheet and obtaining the ticket number, the member can visit a legal office and finish the process with a legal representative.

For more questions concerning family care plans or other forms of power of attorney, contact 9RW/JA at: (530) 634-2928.