9th Medical Group gears up for deployment training

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Douglas P. Lorance
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

The 9th Medical Group trained for potential deployment conditions with several mock exercises and simulated medical emergencies on base, March 6, 2019.

The primary focus of this exercise was to train 9th MDG Airmen to accomplish tasks and deal with emergencies they might be expected to handle during a deployment while in their Mission Oriented Protective Posture gear.

“Here in the medical group, we have two missions. We are here to provide medical care to Airmen from every squadron, but our second mission is to ensure we have medics ready to go downrange and do our mission there,” said Col. Larry Kroll, 9th MDG commander.

Airmen performed their exercise at both the base clinic and a civil engineer warehouse. They practiced basic chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense procedures such as proper MOPP gear levels and protecting vehicles from biological attacks as well as medic-specific training such as carrying patients on litters.

“Most Airmen aren’t deployed until five or six years into their enlistment, so it’s important that we understand what our mission is and what we may be required to do downrange,” said 1st Lt. Kiesha Beavers, 9th MDG flight chief.

Airmen wore their MOPP gear during every exercise to familiarize themselves with the bulky equipment they do not use on a regular basis but could be critical during deployment.

“We’ve read about it and studied it, but to do this training in person is a whole different ballgame,” said Senior Airmen Suetanya Joseph, 9th Medical Operations Squadron mental health technician, “I’m definitely more comfortable working in my gear now than I was before the training.”

9th MDG leadership hopes to continue using their monthly training days to get Airmen deployment ready and confident in their ability to perform downrange. They aim to make this heightened level of readiness the focus of training going forward and the new standard for the 9th MDG.

“Our medics are taking advantage of the full day of training,” said Beavers, “We’re taking that time to train up our Airmen to be the best Recce medics they can possibly be.”