Recce Town secures contract for T-38 sun shades

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Tristan D. Viglianco
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing Public Affairs

The 9th Reconnaissance Wing recently secured a contract for three new sun shades for the T-38 Talon apron


The project was a wing-level initiative to provide maintenance personal with better working conditions.


“We are getting three sun shades, which will cover nine aircraft,” Rick Axe, T-38 Talon maintenance supervisor. “The mechanics will be able to do their job in a better environment. They will be out of the rain and sun. They will be lighted and they will have power there, so we can work in the evening.”


Axe also believes the shades will help save money by prolonging the life of the aircraft by protecting them from the various weather conditions in Northern California.


“The avionics package are electronic so the hotter it gets the harder they work,” Axe said. “Being out of the sun will give extended life to our avionics. The serviceability of our parts will also last longer.”


The sun shades are made by Big Top Shelters and will be 166 feet wide, 66 feet long, and 40 feet center height.


According to the 9th Contracting Squadron, the project cost approximately $1.03 million and they are scheduled to be completed within the next 100 days.


“The sun shades provide an important service in protecting the pilots, maintenance personnel, and the aircraft from the elements,” said Col. Andrew Werner, 9th Operations Group commander. “A huge piece of building a world class ops and maintenance team is providing our people with the best facilities money can buy.”