Recce Town Connect

Recce Town Connect is a venue to connect personnel with the same like interests and is located in the Community Center. Check out what we have in-store for you at Beale! See what peaks your interest, so you can pick your hobbies and social connections right back up when you arrive at your new home.

Please let us know if you want to add your club/group to the list by emailing org box.





Beale Photographers

Beale Photographers serves as a platform for local artists to network, providing the chance to learn from one another and share our experiences.

POC: Samantha Laboy

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Beale Magic & Tabletopers

Brings together Magic, Pokémon, YuGiOh and table top gamers for fun! Nerds rejoice for anime, video games, card games, board games and all things nerdy!

POC: Larry Davis

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Beale AFB Ladies Squad

This group is for the WOMEN of Beale to come together! Spouses and active duty welcome! The purpose of this group is to hang out and meet new friends. We have monthly get togethers.

POC: See Facebook group admins.

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Beale Con

Beale Con is a group where you can share your interests, local events and establishments, clubs and just cool content for like-minded geeks like us! Star Trek, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, Lord of the Rings (LOTR), and Gaming are just the start of genres that we enjoy.

POC: Clar Teria, Erica Fowler

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Beale Pregnancy Support

A place to meet other pregnant women, set up play dates, ask questions and meet new friends.

POC: Katherine Emerson Coster

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Beale Jeeps

Group for people interested in Jeeping and Off-roading on Beale and the surrounding area.

POC: Connor Wright, Alyssa Gervais, Matthew Gilbert and Austin Ashley

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Beale Airmen Talk & Travel

This group is for Beale AFB Airmen who want to meet people and travel.

POC: Ashley Long

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Beale Spouses Club

The Beale Spouses Club is a non-profit private organization dedicated to supporting social, educational, and community initiatives through philanthropy to serve the Beale Air Force Base community.

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Beale Choir Club

Group of individuals to sing together for formal events and other fun!

POC: TSgt Kat Burnham-

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Beale Glamour

Beale Glamour is for interests in all things beauty related, make up tips, releases, sales, hair, nails, ect.

POC: Jennifer Tomczak

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Tactical Fitness/Crossfit is one of the principal strength and conditioning program for many tactical operation teams and military units on Beale AFB

POC: Alexandria Molony

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Beale Airsoft

Group for people interested in airsoft on Beale AFB

POC: Paul Yoo & Justindennis Cantil

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Beale Book Club

A local book club with discussion meets decided on by the club members. Two books are chosen each month to provide a choice of genre. A great place to meet new friends.

POC: Alyssa Recinos

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Beale Home School Group

The group’s intention is to be a resource for homeschool families stationed at Beale AFB (or on their way to Beale AFB) who have an interest in homeschooling.

POC: April Mahoney

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