Airman and Family Readiness Center

Airman and Family Readiness Center
Military life can be challenging for service members and their families. The Airman and Family Readiness Center helps individuals become prepared for these challenges with classes, seminars, crisis intervention services and programs. If you're unsure of where to turn, the A&FRC should be your first stop. The A&FRC is located at 17800 13th Street, on the corner of 13th and B Streets. Call (530) 634-2863 or DSN 368-2863 for information. 

Relocation Assistance
Relocating to a new assignment is stressful if you're not emotionally prepared or familiar with the local area. People often struggle with separation from family and friends and have difficulty finding the information they need from housing to support services. Relocation assistance and the information and referral offices can help reduce stress and make your relocation easier through personal consultation and information specifically designed for your needs. Members can also take advantage of the Child Care for PCS program which offers limited free child care for families arriving at or departing from Beale. 

Personal Financial Management
Many people cite financial problems as their primary cause of stress. The personal financial management program can help you manage your finances more effectively. Whether you're struggling making ends meet or are planning a major purchase such as a vehicle or home, PFMP can help with classes and individual consultations. The staff also offers classes in managing credit, balancing checkbooks, car buying, home buying, investing and budgeting. If you're having your first child, you may attend the Bundles for Babies workshop, which helps new parents properly prepare for their new arrival. 

Spouse Employment
Military spouses seeking a job or trying to maintain a career face unique challenges. The spouse employment program understands the barriers and helps overcome them through orientations, seminars and personal consultation. You can learn about the local community, local pay rates and the employment opportunities available through the spouse employment program. The Airman and Family Readiness Center maintains a job board and information regarding current employment vacancies within the surrounding communities. The staff offers assistance in developing resumes and cover letters and has resources available to help you land the job you want. If you'd like to volunteer or are seeking volunteers for a base program or activity, contact the volunteer program coordinator at the A&FRC. 

Deployments are commonplace in the military -- knowing how to cope with them is not! The readiness program can educate you on the ups and downs, emotional difficulties of separation from families and friends, ways to maintain long distance relationships, financial strategies to cope with the difficulties of deployments and reunions. The staff can help you keep in touch via videophone, e-mails, letter writing kits, Give Parents A Break (6 hours of free childcare per month) and free telephone calls through the morale call program.
The readiness program also supports those left behind with programs including Hearts Apart, a free dinner for families of members who are deployed, on remote assignment or on extended temporary duty. Families of deployed members can receive a free safety inspection and an oil change on the member's primary vehicle through the Car Care Because We Care program sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society. 

Family Life Education
The family life education staff helps maintain effective relationships through improved communication, stress management and education. The staff can help you prioritize your needs, establish goals in your relationships and learn to make your social and professional relationships stronger and more effective. The staff can also provide crisis intervention consultations to help you work through many of life's challenges. 

Transition Assistance
If you are planning on separating or retiring from the military, the transition assistance program should be your first stop. TAP offers pre-separation seminars, resume writing classes, job search training, career fairs, negotiating salary and benefits, and provides a myriad of resources to make your transition to civilian life easier. Individual mandatory pre-separation counseling is provided for members separating or retiring from the military. TAP also maintains a comprehensive resource room with materials on everything from writing cover letters to identifying a career that is suited to your personality type. 

Discovery Resource Center
The Discovery Resource Center provides walk-in customer access to computer software programs, Internet access, hard copy resources and video programs for individually-paced and self-directed exploration of any individual and family readiness area of need. Books and videos are available to checkout and review in home, along with an abundance of free literature and pamphlets on subjects such as your job search, financial planning, stress, family issues, relocation and much more. 

Air Force Aid Society
The Air Force Aid Society is the official charity of the Air Force and is located in the A&FRC. AFAS provides interest-free loans and grants (in special cases) to meet unforeseen or temporary emergencies. PCS moves, medical emergencies, unforeseen car repairs and emergency travel are among the common reasons military families face financial hardships. All loans are assessed on an individual basis and require an appointment.