9th Operations Group


Trains, plans & executes entire AF fleet of U-2 high altitude ISR mission.  Operates 11 T-38A companion trainers conducting initial qual, continuation & advanced pilot proficiency training.  Prepares combat elements for global employment, peacetime intelligence collection, & RISNO from 10+ OLs.  Flies over 139K hrs/30K flts annually, including over 21.5K SecDef/JCS directed operational/combat sorties.



The 9th Operations Group is a descendant organization of the 9th Group (Observation), one of the 15 original combat air groups formed by the Army before World War II. It is the fourth oldest active group in the USAF, and the seventh created following the establishment of the U.S. Air Service. During World War II, the 9th Bombardment Group (Very Heavy), was a B-29 Superfortress group assigned to Twentieth Air Force flying bombardment operations against Japan. Its aircraft were identified by an "X" inside a Circle painted on the tail.

Established as 9th Group (Observation) on 19 July 1922

Organized on 1 August 1922

Redesignated: 9th Observation Group on 25 January 1923

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group on 1 March 1935

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group (Medium) on 6 December 1939

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group (Heavy) on 20 November 1940

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group, Very Heavy, on 28 March 1944

Inactivated on 20 October 1948

Redesignated: 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Group, and activated, on 1 May 1949

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group, Heavy, on 1 April 1950

Redesignated: 9th Bombardment Group, Medium, on 2 October 1950

Inactivated on 16 June 1952

Redesignated: 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Group on 31 July 1985 (Remained inactive)

Redesignated: 9th Operations Group on 29 August 1991

Activated on 1 September 1991.