Vehicle registration

On-Base Automobile/Motorcycle Registration
Newly-assigned personnel are required to register all motor vehicles within three working days after arrival. This may be accomplished at Pass and Registration, located at 17855 Warren Shingle Rd. The following items are required to register vehicle(s):
· Military ID/driver's license
· Proof of ownership (registration, bill of sale)
· Base decal number (if issued from another installation). NOTE: If the decal is located anywhere other than the lower left hand corner of the bumper or windshield, or if in poor condition, the decal will need to be replaced.
· Meet minimum insurance requirements of the state of California as follows:
· $15,000 for bodily injury to, or death of, each person as a result of one accident
· $30,000 for bodily injury or death of all persons as a result of one accident
· $5,000 for damage to property of others as a result of one accident
· Vehicles not registered in California must have proof of compliance for an emissions test (smog test) performed in California. 

If a privately-owned motor vehicle is registered in the name of a person other than the owner, the applicant must have a power-of-attorney or notarized written authorization from the registered owner to obtain base registration. If you have any questions, call the Pass and Registration section at (530) 634-3128 or DSN 368-3128. Questions regarding California registration may be addressed to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at (530) 741-4221. 

Motorcycle Registrants
AFI 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, requires all Air Force military personnel who operate a motorcycle, motor scooter or moped to successfully complete an approved motorcycle safety course. All Air Force employees, retired military and DOD dependents who operate a motorcycle on an installation will complete an approved motorcycle course. The base will pay for the motorcycle course for active duty and DoD civilian personnel. Individuals are required to wear a reflective vest, long sleeves, gloves and helmet while operating motorcycles on base.
Approved courses are the Basic Riders Course or the Experienced Rider Course. Personnel may schedule to attend either course by contacting the safety office at (530) 634-8879, 8876, or 4026. Registrants must have a motorcycle endorsement from their state, or a motorcycle-endorsed license from California. 

A Commander's Motorcycle Safety briefing must be completed by every active duty member. A copy of this form will be filed at the safety office and at Pass and Registration. 

General Requirements
It's your responsibility to maintain valid state registration tags and Air Force registration decals on your vehicles. If you have any questions concerning your obligations in this area, do not hesitate to stop by Pass and Registration or call (530) 634-3128.