Chapel activities

Chapel Activities
The Beale chapel staff welcomes you and your family and invites you to join a vibrant and exciting chapel program. Their mission is to meet the spiritual needs of base personnel and their family members. They accomplish this by providing opportunities for worship, religious education, small group activities, outreach programs and fellowship events, all aimed at individual and family spiritual growth. 

There are two chapels at Beale. The Valley Chapel is located at 6199 C St. The Foothills Chapel is in the family housing area at 15001 Camp Beale Highway. Both chapels can be reached by calling (530) 634-4701. For information on off-base churches or Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim and Buddhist services, please call the chapel office at (530) 634-4701. 

When problems arise for individuals and/or families, the chapel staff stands ready to help. The chapel staff offers broad personal and family counseling services and referrals when needed. Couples who are planning to be married are asked to contact the chapel as soon as possible. 

Regular duty hours at the chapel are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For off-duty emergency chaplain services, call the command post at (530) 634-5700.