Firearms information

Firearms Registration
All firearms on Beale are required to be registered on base through each person's unit orderly room within 72 hours or the first duty day after arrival to the base. People must report to their orderly room to fill out an AF IMT Form 1314 and get their commander's signature. Once complete, make two copies of the completed form. The original will stay at the orderly room, the person will keep one copy and the final copy will need to be hand delivered to the 9th Security Forces Squadron armory at 17798 24th St., Bldg. 25470. 

Firearms Storage
Military Family Housing residents may store their firearms in their residence, refer to AFI 31-101, Beale AFB Sup1 Chapter 14 for proper storage requirements. Firearms are prohibited in dormitories, bachelor quarters and billeting. Individuals residing in these quarters or transiting with firearms must temporarily store them in the 9th Security Forces Squadron armory. Military housing residents cannot store their firearms in the 9th SFS armory unless they are TDY or deployed. If any other extenuating circumstances occur, route these requests through your First Sergeant to the 9 SFS Armory. 

Although the armory is a 24-hour operation, temporary storage of firearms will not be processed between the hours of 4 to 6 a.m. and 4 to 6 p.m. due to mission requirements. 

In addition, firearms may not be stored in automobiles, but may be transported to and from specific locations incidental to their use. Personnel living downtown are encouraged to check with civil authorities for registration of their firearms as it will serve as an additional means of identification in the event they are lost or stolen. Also, consult with civil authorities on the proper transportation and use of your firearms. 

For any questions or concerns concerning firearms on Beale, please contact the 9th Security Forces Squadron armory at DSN 368-2359 or commercial (530) 634-2359.