Detachment 8 - Pacific Liaison Region (PLR) Civil Air Patrol-United States Air Force (CAP-USAF)

Detachment 8 provides day-to-day support, advice and liaison to CAP wings in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska. Detachment 8 provides oversight for CAP programs, with particular emphasis on safety and programmatic requirements. CAP-USAF personnel are the primary functional interface between other Federal agencies and the Civil Air Patrol. CAP-USAF is part of the Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development, with headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

CAP-USAF Mission
For more than 60 years, CAP-USAF has had the distinct mission to provide guidance, assistance, and oversight to CAP organizations nationwide to ensure they are organized, trained and equipped to perform their mission of homeland security, disaster response, citizen development and aerospace education.

CAP-USAF provides assistance and oversight on search and rescue, disaster relief, and other emergencies and contingencies nationwide through a liaison officer to the Commander, Air Forces Northern and 1st Air Force at Tyndall AFB, Florida. CAP-USAF serves as the Air Force program office for the Cooperative Agreement and Statement of Work and provides primary functional interface between other federal agencies and CAP. CAP-USAF is the sole operational unit in Air University.

Detachment 8 is staffed with 10 active duty military and civil service members. There is an Air Force Reserve Command complement to the Detachment 8 team with approximately 25 attached members.