Air Combat Command Training Support Squadron (TRSS) Detachment 11


Provide the CAF with world class training support to produce warfighters ready to win today’s fight and to integrate into 5th generation warfighting capabilities across the full spectrum of military operations.



Training experts providing a solid framework for instruction through relevant operational training products, concurrent training devices, and diligent contract quality assurance for our supported units.


Det 11 Unit Description:  

Detachment 11 is a tenant unit at Beale AFB with the parent unit located at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA. The Detachment is responsible for utilizing the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) model to develop, produce, and maintain syllabi, training task lists (TTLs) and academic courseware for U-2, T-38, and RQ-4 formal training. Detachment 11 provides quality control of the Contract Aircrew Training/Courseware Development (CAT/CWD) contract deliverables, administers the Graduate Evaluation Program, and chairs the Operations Training Development (OTD) teams for the U-2, T-38, and RQ-4 programs. Finally, Detachment 11 is responsible for all U-2, T-38 and RQ-4 aircrew training guides, computer-based training, device trainers and simulators, and other related continuation training in direct support of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing's worldwide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance missions.



Detachment 11 is one of 13 operations training development detachments located throughout Air Combat Command and was established October 1, 1991, as a major command special activity when control for operations training development reverted from tactical training wings to Headquarters, Tactical Air Command.



Det 11 is authorized 9 personnel:  4 officers, 3 enlisted, and 2 civilian