The mission of Detachment 4 is to launch and recover RQ-4B Global Hawk High-Altitude ISR assets in support of EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM theater mission taskings.

Detachment 4 has approximately 110 unit personnel - 65 active duty and 45 contractors. The active duty component spans 5 different career fields to include pilots, communications, logistics, back-shop maintenance, and security forces. Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) personnel provide hands-on maintenance of the aircraft and Launch and Recovery Element (LRE) ground control shelter.

In July, 2009 a 6-member ADVON team arrived at NAS Sigonella with the purpose of establishing Detachment 4 and Global Hawk operations in the European theater. Logistic infrastructure was established and agreements were negotiated with U.S. Navy and Italian Air Force host base agencies allowing the first aircraft delivery on 15 Sep 2010. Training flights commenced on 7 Dec 2010 and Detachment 4's first operational mission was flown on 1 Mar 2011 in support of Operation Odyssey Dawn. Detachment 4 now has three aircraft and has flown over 130 combat missions in support of EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM, totaling over 2400 flight hours and 40,000 images in support of the warfighter.