9th Logistics Readiness Squadron


The 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron is located at Beale Air Force Base, California, providing comprehensive transportation, deployment readiness, supply, fuel, and vehicle support to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, 7th Space Warning Squadron, 548th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group, 940th Wing (AFRC), 195th Wing (ANG), and other tenant units that comprise Team Beale.



The 9 LRS has over 100 military personnel and over 70 civil servants spread among the five flights to include the Commander Support Staff.

The Deployment and Distribution Flight provides Ground Transportation, Air Passenger Terminal, Personal Property coordination, Passenger Travel assistance, Logistics Planning, Support Agreement management that generates over one million dollars for the base, organization of $6.8M in War Reserve Materiel, as well as executing Contingency Operations through the Cargo and Personnel Deployment Functions.

The Fuels Management Flight manages the Air Force’s largest active special fuel account to support the U-2 Dragon Lady and enables the Immediate Response Force through the use of Tactical Aviation Ground Refueling System.

The Materiel Management Flight supports mission generation through Decentralized Materiel Support to our maintenance partners, Individual Protective Equipment for mobility requirements, Aircraft Parts Store, Flight Service Center, and Customer Support.

The Vehicle Management Flight provides government owned and leased vehicle fleet management, abuse and misuse reconciliation, general as well as specialty vehicle maintenance, and support for the global chase car program.

The Logistics and Compliance Flight consists of the Commander Support Staff, Quality Assurance, Resource Adviser, Unit Training Manager, Unit Deployment Manager, Squadron Safety Program Manager, and the Squadron Security Program Manager.



Constituted from the 9th Supply Squadron, portions of the 9th Logistics Support Squadron and the 9th Support Division the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron history is multifaceted.

The 9th Supply Squadron, Strategic Reconnaissance, was activated 1 May 1949, redesignated 9th Supply Squadron on 16 March 1950. Discontinued, and inactivated on 1 January 1966, then activated on 1 August 1972. It was again inactivated on 30 September 1975 and re-activated on 15 March 1983. It was inactivated once more on 1 January 1990 then re-activated on 1 September 1991, and redesignated 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron on 1 October 2003.

The 9th Logistics Support Squadron was activated in 1992 and redesignated the 9th Maintenance Operations Squadron on 27 August 2002. The Logistics Planning section of the 9th Logistics Support Squadron was reassigned to the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron upon its creation on 1 October 2003.

Additionally, the 9th Support Division was organized in February 2004 as a Most Efficient Organization (MEO), in accordance with AFI 38-203 Public/Private Competition using the A-76 rules. The federal government won the bid and replaced 363 active duty and civilian authorizations with 139 civil service personnel. The MRO status officially ended in February 2012 and a waiver was requested and granted 15 September 2011 by HAF/A1 which kept the Support Division intact within the 9th Mission Support Group until 2018 when sections of it were reassigned to the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron, 9th Force Support Squadron, 9th Communications Squadron, and 9th Maintenance Group.



9 Maintenance and Supply Group, 1 May 1949; 9 Air Base (later, 9 Combat Support) Group, 10 February 1951; 9 Bombardment (later, 9 Strategic Aerospace) Wing, 1 October 1961; 9 Combat Support Group, 1 July 1963-1 January 1966. 9 Combat Support Group, 1 August 1972; 456 Bombardment Wing, 1 July-30 September 1975. 9 Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, 15 March 1983-1 January 1990. 9 Logistics Group, 1 September 1991; 9 Mission Support Group, 18 September 2002-present.



Fairfield-Suisun (later, Travis) AFB, CA, 1 May 1949; Mountain Home AFB, ID, 16 April 1953-1 January 1966. Beale AFB, CA, 1 August 1972-present.



Meritorious Unit Awards: 1 June 2009-31 May 2011; 1 June 2013-31 May 2014. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 January 1957-31 January 1958; 1 July 1973-30 June 1975; 1 July 1983-30 June 1984; 1 July 1985-30 June 1986; 1 July 1986-30 June 1987; 1 July-31 December 1989; 1 July 1993-30 June 1994; 1 July 1994-30 June 1995; 1 June 1996-31 May 1998; 1 June 1998-31 May 2000; 1 June 2002-31 May 2004; 1 June 2005-31 May 2007; 1 June 2007-31 May 2009; 1 June 2009-31 May 2010; 1 June 2011-31 May 2012; 1 June 2014-31 May 2015.

(Lineage, Assignments, Stations, and Honors through 8 May 2016)



Description. On an Air Force golden yellow disc bordered Air Force blue, two stylized, silhouetted aircraft, fesswise in dexter (right) and base respectively each leaving a white trail edged Air Force blue to sinister (left); over all bendwise, pointing to chief a stylized, silhouetted missile, Air Force blue, leaving a trail palewise to base in sinister, white edged Air Force blue; the border charged with a circle of nine white stars evenly spaced; over all a red lightning bolt bendwise, issuing from sinister and extending beyond the border in dexter chief. Above the disc, on a white scroll, edged and inscribed black, the squadron motto SUI GENERIS. Below the disc, on a white scroll, edged and inscribed black, the squadron designation 9TH LOGISTICS READINESS SQUADRON. Significance. The emblem is symbolic of the squadron’s heritage and its mission. Against a background of golden yellow within a wide ultramarine blue border to reflect the Air Force colors, a missile, lightning bolt and aircraft indicate support of missiles, communications, and aircraft. The nine stars symbolize the squadron’s numerical designation. The motto, “SUI GENERIS” is Latin for “in a class of our own”, reflecting the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s unique structure and high standards of excellence.