9th Munitions Squadron


Train superior Total Force AMMO professionals poised to execute when and where the Nation requires – ALWAYS READY.
Maintain a thriving culture of resilient, collaborative, and innovative AMMO leaders developing the future of combat Airpower while ensuring the highest level of support to our installation and mission partners.​​​​​​​
The 9th Munitions Squadron, Air Force Combat Ammunition Center (AFCOMAC), manages and maintains a $35M munitions stockpile, 25 facilities, 71 vehicles, and 79 munitions equipment items used to conduct the Air Force’s sole Combat Ammunition Planning and Production (CAPP) and Senior Officer Orientation (SOO) courses. The CAPP course is a requirement for all 2W0 7 and 9-level upgrades, and 21M 3-level upgrade, graduating ~720 students annually.  Furthermore, AFCOMAC provides Base Operational Support for the 9th Reconnaissance Wings robust mission. The squadron manages 20 custody accounts arming agencies including Security Forces, EOD, and AFE/Egress in support of the U-2 and T-38 airframes that enable over 1,900 global ISR sorties/year.

The unit falls under the 9th Maintenance Group, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, and is located at Beale Air Force Base, CA.

Started at Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) in Herlong, CA in Oct 1985. Became the Combat Ammunition Production and Planning Course in Mar 1986. Transferred to Air Combat Command in Jun 1992. Relocated and activated at Beale AFB in Nov 1992.


Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), Herlong, CA, Oct 1985 – Jun 1992; Beale AFB, CA, Nov 1992 – present.

Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), Herlong, CA, Oct 1985 – Jun 1992; Beale AFB, CA, Nov 1992 – present.



HAF/CENTAF/Jedah AB, Desert Shield/Storm, 1990-1991

CENTAF, Desert Fox, 1998

HAF/USAFE TACP/Aviano AB, Allied Force, 1999

HAF/RAF Fairford, Iraqi Freedom, 2003

Service Streamers:  None

Campaign Streamers:  None

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers:   None

Decorations:  Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Feb 60 – 30 Sep 61; 1 Jul 94 – 30 Jun 95; 1 Jun 96 – 31 May 98; 1 Jun 98 – 31 May 00; 1 Jun 00 – 31 May 02; 1 Jun 02 – 31 May 04; 1 Jun 05 – 31 May 07. Air Force Organizational Excellence Award: 1 Oct 89 – 30 Sep 91