9th Operations Support Squadron

The 9th Operations Support Squadron’s mission is to drive the 9th Operations Group and 9th Reconnaissance Wing’s global reconnaissance operations through world-class training and support of the U-2S Dragon Lady, T-38A Talon and KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. Functional areas of expertise include: weapons and tactics, operational planning, flying training guidance, intelligence, air traffic control, airfield management, radio and weather systems maintenance, weather, survival evasion recovery and escape (SERE), aircrew flight equipment, combat crew communications, and aviation resource management.
Over 148 active duty Airmen, civilians, and contractors are assigned to the 9th OSS.  Its members consist of officers, enlisted and civilians from the following career fields: Radar and Weather Systems, Combat Crew Communications, Weather, Current Operations, Airfield Operations, Tower, Intelligence, and Aircrew Flight Equipment, SERE, and aviation resource management.
On 4 June 1952, Strategic Air Command (SAC) constituted and activated the 9th Operations Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, California.  As part of the 9th Bombardment Wing, the 9th Operations Squadron performed its primary mission of managing flightline operations for the 9 BW with 45 assigned B-29 MR aircraft (MR indicated a B-29 that was capable of delivering atomic weapons and was modified for aerial refueling), providing transient aircraft support, and maintaining a Base Flight section comprised of C-47 and B-25 aircraft.
On 1 May 1953, the 9th Operations Squadron transferred with the rest of the 9th Bombardment Wing to Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID.  While at Mountain Home, the squadron would continue to perform flightline operations for the 9 BW while it operated B-29s and KB-29 tankers, and beginning in 1954, B-47s and KC-97s.  The squadron remained at Mountain Home AFB until Jan 1962 when it was inactivated.
On 29 August 1991, the squadron was activated and redesignated the 9th Operations Support Squadron (9th OSS) and assigned to the 9th Operations Group, 9th Wing (later Reconnaissance Wing), located at Beale Air Force Base, California.
For over twenty years, the 9th OSS has provided a wide variety of support functions for the wing’s flying operations to include air traffic control, airfield management, intelligence, weapons and tactics, weather services and survival training, just to name a few.  The 9th OSS has provided support for a number of different aircraft flown by the 9th Reconnaissance Wing since 1991: B-52 Stratofortress, KC-135 Stratotanker, U-2 Dragon Lady, T-38 Talon, RQ/EQ-4 Global Hawk, and the MC-12W Liberty.
As the recipient of 12 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards during its history, the 9th Operations Support Squadron has a record second-to-none. And you can be assured that whenever there is hard work to be done and a demanding mission to perform, you’ll find a proud “operations specialist” from the 9th OSS.
The unit carries the following honors:
Campaign Streamers
Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 1 Jan 1957-31 Jan 1958; 1 Sep 1991-30 Jun 1993; 1 Jul 1993-30 Jun 1994; 1 Jul 1994-30 Jun 1995; 1 Jun 1996-31 May 1998; 1 Jun 1998-31 May 2000; 1 Jun 2000-31 May 2002; 1 Jun 2002-31 May 2004; 1 Jun 2005-31 May 2007.
Meritorious Unit Award
1 June 2009 - 31 May 2011
1 June 2013 – 31 May 2014
1 June 2020 – 31 May 2021      
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
1 January 1957- 31 January 1958
1 July 1993 – 30 June 1994
1 July 1994 – 30 June 1995
1 June 1996 – 30 May 1998
1 June 1998 – 31 May 2000
1 June 2000 - 31 May 2002
1 June 2002 – 31 May 2004
1 June 2005 – 31 May 2007
1 June 2007 – 31 May 2009
1 June 2009 – 31 May 2010
1 June 2011- 31 May 2012
1 June 2014-31 May 2015