All personnel can make lodging reservations by calling (530) 634-2953/3662 or DSN 368-2953/3662. 

Temporary lodging is available to all categories of personnel. We offer Visiting Airmen and Visiting Officer Quarters. PCS and TDY personnel are provided with reservation and confirmation numbers when the request is received. Space-available rooms for guests not traveling on orders can be booked up to 24 hours prior to their arrival and can be made for up to three nights at a time (depending upon availability).

If on-base quarters are not available, lodging personnel can assist you in acquiring a room at a local hotel or motel. For PCS and TDY personnel, lodging will obtain rooms at a local hotel or motel at prearranged contract prices.

The Gold Country Inn offers two temporary lodging facility pet-friendly spaces. We do not currently offer pet friendly VAQ or VOQ units. There are several available kennels in the local area. Please make arrangements for your pets to stay elsewhere if our pet friendly units are not available. If you need the kennel's information, lodging can mail or fax that information to you.

Temporary Lodging Facilities
Beale has 29 temporary lodging facilities for personnel and their family members. These units are located in the family housing area and are completely furnished including washers, dryers, stoves and kitchen utensils. Size of the units varies from two- to four-bedrooms. Housekeeping services are provided on a daily basis.

Daily charges are based on the Air Combat Command Guidelines. To ensure your family's needs are met, please make your reservation as early as possible.


Personnel arriving after duty hours should contact lodging for assignment to temporary facilities. Contact the dormitory superintendent your first duty day for room assignment. Residency is limited to E-1 to E-4. The base has five facilities, all constructed after 1987.