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Can you tell us more about a coyote problem in Base Housing? Is there a problem and if so what is being done about it?

CE has been responsive to coyote issues in/around Military Family Housing and is working to implement an integrated program addressing issues with coyotes on base. The plan will address public safety, an integrated approach to coyote management, and the potential ecological consequences of management practices.

CE's Five Step Action Plan:
1. Increase public outreach/education efforts.
     a. Create updated handouts detailing the proper response during a coyote encounter.
     b. Provide face-to-face training for all military and sponsors with families residing in MFH.
     c. Instruct personnel and housing residents to be alert and report concerning coyote/wildlife activity.
     d. Avoid hazardous activity/areas.
     e. Instruct general base populace on appropriate vs. inappropriate hazing activities.

2. Train and equip a select group of residents to perform enhanced hazing techniques.
     a. Consider all tools available for enhanced hazing.

3. Eliminate habitat (tall vegetation) in and around housing, especially Beale South.

4. Eliminate food sources and other attractants to the maximum extent practicable.

5. Develop a Beale AFB coyote management plan detailing.
     a. Strategies for public outreach and education
     b. Reporting protocols
     c. Habitat reduction initiatives 
     d. Appropriate hazing/harassment activities
     e. Appropriate depredation strategies.

How can we promote fitness and healthy living for night shift and jobs that can't leave their posts if the boxed meal and to go options are so unhealthy?

Sodexo offers over 29 healthy choices during the evening. Food options include salads, fish tacos, Mediterranean steak, or a roast turkey avocado sandwich at the Coyote Pub and Grill. Contrails also offers healthy options from their Simply-to-Go menu. Options include an antipasto salad plate, a variety of salads and salad wraps, sandwiches on white and wheat bread, meat and cheese cups, yogurt with fruit and a fresh fruit cup. The 9th Force Support Squadron is working with Sodexo to create a healthy box meal that has more nutritional value than our current offerings.