Recce Town Chaplain Corps

Worship Services



Roman Catholic Program

(Foothills Chapel – Base Housing)

Religious Education (During School Year): Sunday at 0900 - 1000

Daily Mass:  Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 1130

Sunday Mass: 1030

E-tithing for Catholic Parish



Protestant Christian Worship

(Foothills Chapel - Base Housing)

Sundays at 0900

E-tithing for Protestant Parish



Foothills Chapel is in the family housing area at

15001 Camp Beale Highway

Beale AFB, CA. 95903

Foothills Chapel is the primary chapel for Catholic and Protestant Christian programming.


Valley Chapel is located at main base

6199 C St. main base

Beale AFB, CA. 95903

Valley Chapel is the primary chapel used for 9 RW/HC Community Care programs.

The Senior Religious Support Team is located at Valley Chapel.


Earth Based Community
(Valley Chapel – Main base)
Third Saturday of the month at 12:00 p.m.
Follow Beale AFB Chapel - Open Circle and Earth Based Religions on Facebook


For information for Jewish, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other faith needs, please call the Chapel office at (530)634-4705



Facility Request – Please fill our and sign the Facility Request Form then email to 9rw.hc@us.af.mil


Invocation Request –Please fill out and sign the Invocation Request Form then email to 9rw.hc@us.af.mil

Contact Information

Valley Chapel - Main Base



Foothills Chapel – Base Housing



Beale Command Post (Emergency): (530)634-5700

(Please ask for the Duty Chaplain)


When problems arise for individuals and/or families, the Chapel staff stands ready to help. The Chaplain Corps offers 100% privileged communication during counseling services.


The on-call duty Chaplain can be reached 24/7/365 by calling Beale Command Post (530)634-5700


To sign up for 9 RW/HC programs/retreats or for more information please email


Religious Support Teams (RSTs)

The Air Force Chaplain Corps is a highly diversified, multicultural and multidenominational community focused on the free exercise of religion for Airmen, their families, and other authorized personnel.  Our ranks include officers, enlisted and civilian personnel working at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.


Religious Support Teams (RSTs) consist of a Chaplain and a Religious Affairs Airman who focus on caring for warriors and their families.


When you know someone in need of help, your referral to the Chaplain for a friend in need shows you care. The Religious Support Teams (RSTs) are assigned to Groups, with offices embedded in different locations throughout Beale AFB.  Although they are assigned to groups, you are welcome to seek whom you wish. 

Contractors / Auxiliary Clergy / Joint Chaplains

Fr. Michael F. Kiernan

Catholic Priest


Paulette Comeaux-Padua

Catholic Coordinator/RE


Sarah Landry

Protestant Coordinator


Heather Kendall

CTOF Account Manager

True North (TN) Teams

9 RW/A1Z


Ch. Capt. George E. Kahl Jr. 

Unit Chaplain


TSgt Lewis T. Christopher 
NCOIC, Religious Affairs
TN-Religious Support Team for 9 CES, 9 CONS, 9 CS, 9 FSS, 9 LRS, 9 SFS
TSgt David R. Holt 
NCOIC, Religious Affairs
TN-Religious Support Team for 9 AMXS, 9 MXS, 9 MUNS, 9 LSS, 319 AMXS

TFI Team



Ch. Capt Valdon Steve Jensen

Group Chaplain

548th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group


TSgt Maryssa N. Maffeo

NCOIC, Religious Affairs

548th Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Group


Ch. Maj Jason J. Bredeson

Wing Chaplain

940 RW –Reserve


MSgt Jamie L Mahaffey

Superintendent, Chapel Operations

940 RW –Reserve

195 ANG/HC


Lt Col Michael R. Beyer

Wing Chaplain

195 WG –Guard

Capt Christopher D. Flesoras

Group Chaplain

195 WG –Guard

SSgt Richard C. Huerta

NCOIC, Chapel Operations

195 WG-Guard


Chaplain Corps Team 9 RW/HC

Ch. Lt. Col Christopher D. Underwood II

Wing Chaplain

9th Reconnaissance Wing/9 CPTS/WSA


Ch. Maj Mario S. Rosario

Deputy Wing Chaplain

9th Reconnaissance Wing


Ch. Capt Patrick Bracken


9th Reconnaissance Wing / 427 RS


Ch. 1st Lt. Christian E. Beck


9th Reconnaissance Wing/ 99 RS


MSgt Jere A. Ross 

Superintendent, Religious Affairs

9th Reconnaissance Wing/9 CPTS/WSA


SSgt Sean M. Javery

NCOIC, Readiness & Training


SSgt Javad Javid

NCOIC, Resources & Requirements


A1C Shemar J. Johnson

Religious Affairs Airman


TSgt Sara S. Kenny

IMA Reserve Chaplain, NCOIC, Chapel Operations

9th Reconnaissance Wing

Cindy S. Benavente

Chaplain Corps Program Assistant

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