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The 9th Force Support Squadron is one of five squadrons assigned to the 9th Mission Support Group, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale Air Force Base, CA. The 9th Force Support Squadron is a widely diverse organization at Beale, providing more than 30 different activities to military and family members as well as authorized civilian customers. Squadron activities generate over $8 million annually in non-appropriated funds. The
unit manages food services, lodging, personnel and manpower, recreational support, family services, youth programs, professional development and education. The squadron is an integral part of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance mission with 118 members on deployment teams. The 9th Force Support Squadron evolved from the Air Force-directed mergers of Beale's Mission Support and Services Squadrons. The merger concentrated the base's primary customer support and service functions under one command.

The Airman and Family Services Flight provides active duty members, retirees, Department of Defense civilians and their families a wide range of services: relocation, information and referral assistance; Air Force Aid; financial guidance; spouse employment, military transitions; and Family and Life skills. The flight provides support programs for families when the sponsor is deployed. This flight is also operates our Family Child Care program, Child Development Center and Youth Center, providing child development services to the families of Beale AFB.

The Community Services Flight provides affordable, adaptable, customer-focused Recreation and community driven programs. Additionally, the flight provides leisure-time facilities and equipment to meet the social and recreational needs of the Beale community. Facilities include the Aero Club Flight Training Center, Community Center, Base Theater, Outdoor Adventure Center, Equipment/Recreational Rental Center, ITT Operation, Bowling Center, Coyote Run Golf Course, RV/Automotive Storage Yard, Auto Hobby and Arts and Crafts Center, Beale Car Wash Complex, 2-Swimming Pools, Paintball, Rod and Gun Club and FAMCAMP RV Campground.

The Force Development Flight delivers professional development, educational services and support to Team Beale. The flight has a broad academic offering for all personnel and dependents to further their education. Additionally, the flight provides professional military education through the First Term Airman's Center for Airmen arriving at Beale as their first duty station. The Airman Leadership School prepares our Airmen as they transition into the ranks of non-commissioned officers. Our Career Assistance Advisor is available to guide Airmen in choosing career paths and offers continuing professional education classes to further their abilities. The Hub Zemke Library supports the community by providing education, reference and reading materials for all ages.

The Manpower and Personnel Flight consists of military and civilian personnel administration along with manpower support. The Military Personnel Section manages all personnel programs for uniformed Airmen.  Included in this area of responsibility are: assignments, promotions, evaluations, reenlistments and separations.  Unique to Beale, the Support Division, a unit that reports to the Mission Support Group, delivers some personnel functions including ID Cards, SGLI, and Awards and Decorations.  The Civilian Personnel Office provides guidance and assistance to leaders and employees on federal personnel rules, regulations and procedures for appropriated fund employees.  The Human Resource Office provides like services for non-appropriated fund employees.  Our Manpower and Organization Office is dedicated to supplying innovative management services including continuous process improvement to help the wing manage its manpower resources.

The Sustainment Services Flight provides lodging, food service, clubs and fitness operations. The Contrails Restaurant, the mission essential facility, provides hot, nutritious food service to over 54K personnel annually in support of the Air Force mission. We also provide high quality "simply to go" meals for personnel on the go. The Recce Point Club offers fine dining, social programs and hosts professional and private events. The Ramoneda Grill, a club restaurant on the flight line, offers hot, nutritious meals near the flight line providing an invaluable service with close proximity. Beale is an Air Force Food Transformation Initiative base affording campus dining to meal card holders and anyone can eat at Contrails Restaurant. The Gold Country Inn annually accommodates more than 10,000 guests staying 110,983 bed-nights in 203 units throughout 16 buildings. Included in the Sustainment flight is the Harris Fitness Center. The center enhances the quality of life while also preparing military personnel for deployment with a variety of physical fitness, instructional and competitive programs.

The Operations section for the Force Support Squadron oversees 4 different areas in the squadron. The Beale AFB Honor Guard, providing honors and services for a myriad of ceremonies including funerals in an area covering 3 states and over 183,000 square miles. The Readiness Section directs deployment training and preparation for over 100 active duty military members as well as base exercise support, unit security management and the mortuary affairs program. The Training Section manages training requirements for over 450 military, APF and NAF civilian employees. The IPR section works in conjunction with the 9th Logistics Readiness Squadron and sister agencies within the Wing to ensure all Airmen are processed and prepared for deployments.


The 9th FSS was activated May 20, 2008 when the former 9th Services Squadron and the 9th Mission Support Squadron merged into a joint squadron. The 9th Services Squadron shared a long and honorable heritage. Its history branches from the service's morale, welfare and recreation programs originated during the Revolutionary War when food, lodging and sale of goods by settlers provided income to post funds. Congress officially recognized military welfare and post funds in an 1861 Civil War appropriation bill. During that time, organizations such as the United States Sanitary Commission (forerunner of the American Red Cross) and religious groups were visiting troop locations and providing forms of recreation. When a huge citizen army was established during World War I, library services, troop canteens, sports programs, cultural arts programs, a motion picture service, and the United Services Organization (USO) were founded. Service clubs began in World War II. Since that time, these services have evolved into a growing multi-faceted leisure time program.


Services: The 9th Food Service Squadron, Strategic Reconnaissance, was constituted and activated on 1 May 1949 then re-designated as the 9th Food Service Squadron on 16 Mar 1950 and subsequently the 9th Services Squadron on 1 Oct 1965. Due to budgetary constraints, it was discontinued and inactivated on 1 Jan 1966. Later, it was reactivated on 15 Mar 1983; inactivated on 1 Jan 1990 and again reactivated on 1 Sep 1991. Eventually, it was re-designated as the 9th Morale, Welfare, Recreation and Services Squadron on 1 Sep 1992 and then the 9th Services Squadron on 1 Jan 1994. Finally, we are known today as the 9th Force Support Squadron.

Mission Support: The Air Base Squadron, 10 Air Base Group (Special) was constituted on 22 Aug 1940. It was then activated on 1 Sep 1940 as change occurred it was re-designated as the 9 Air Base Squadron (Special) on 17 Jan 1941 and then 9th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron on 13 Jun 1942. On 30 April 1944 the squadron was disbanded and later reconstituted, and re-designated 9th Mission Support Squadron, on 7 Mar 1989. Leading up to its final iteration a few months later it was activated on 1 May 1989. Less than a year later, in the theme of change, it was inactivated on 1 Jan 1990 and then activated on 1 Sep 1991. Finally, it was inactivated on 20 May 2008 and that is its current state.

The 9th FSS continues to provide support to the 9th Reconnaissance Wing by orchestrating combat support, military and civilian personnel programs, recreation and leisure activities, base education and force development, manpower and organization, family support and youth services. This unit is uniquely posed to provide our future civilian and military leaders with key information to support contingencies around the globe while supporting their family members back home.


Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:
1 Jan 1957-31 Jan 1958 1 Jul 1983-30 Jun 1984
1 Jul 1985-30 Jun 1986 1 Jul 1986-30 Jun 1987
1 Jul 1989-30 Jun 1989 1 Jul 1993-30 Jun 1994
1 Jul 1994-30 Jun 1995 1 Jun 1996-31 May 1998
1 Jun 1998-31 May 2000 1 Jun 2000-31 May 2002
1 Jun 2002-31 May 2004 1 Jun 2005-31 May 2007
2010 Air Combat Command / Air Force Eubank Winner

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The 9th Medical Group recently executed a restructure of its Family Health Clinic to create two units of focused care: active-duty beneficiaries and all other beneficiaries. This restructure comes as part of the greater Air Force’s move to ensure the readiness of all active-duty Airmen through medical organizational culture changes that focus on continuous medical readiness, sustaining delivery of high-quality care, and new deployment requirements. To read more: https://bit.ly/2W25mfA
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