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9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

9th AMDS

9th AMDS


The 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron is one of four squadrons assigned to the 9th Medical Group, 9th Reconnaissance Wing, Beale Air Force Base, California. The primary function of the 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron is to support the global Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) mission by keeping Team Beale Airmen healthy, fit and ready for world-wide operations.


At the present, 74 active duty, civilian and contact Airmen are assigned to the 9th Aerospace Medicine Squadron. The unit consists of five primary functions: Flight Medicine, Public Health to include the wing Health Promotions Division, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Dental and Optometry.

The Flight Medicine Clinic provides trusted care and operational support for Team Beale through 24/7 emergency response to flight line hazards and mishaps. We also empower Airmen and families to use preventative measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while providing acute illness care, and appropriate aeronautical/occupational exams and screenings.


Flight Medicine Contact Number:

DSN: 368-4730 or Comm: (530) 634-4730


The Public Health Flight provides consultation, administration, and execution of preventive medicine, communicable disease control, occupational health, food safety, deployment medicine and disaster response programs. Under this umbrella, Public Health performs many functions with the following being among the most common:  occupational health audiograms, travel medicine consultation, food safety/defense inspections and coordination of medical deployment clearance actions. The Health Promotions Element provides programs for fitness, tobacco cessation, nutrition, and behavior modification. Programs are open to active duty, DoD civilians, retirees and family members. We are dedicated to disease prevention and health enhancement through education, training and resources that promote a "healthy lifestyle." We offer an array of programs and outreaches to help all beneficiaries to remain resilient and to attain optimal health.



Public Health Flight Contact Number:

DSN: 368-4945 or Comm: (530) 634-4945


The Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) Flight provides preventative medicine studies in support of health-related base vulnerability assessments (VAs) (i.e. water and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC)/toxic industrial materials (TIM). BE identifies health hazards for all personnel residing and/or working on the installation.  They anticipate and recognize actual or potential chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and physical health threats. BE collaborates with CE and other base personnel to locate and identify hazards from occupational, environmental, and recreational sources. They coordinate with certified laboratories to collect, preserve, package, and ship samples associated with an emergency response in garrison or while deployed.  BE conducts post-exposure investigations.  They use analytical or predictive exposure modeling data to mitigate or eliminate health risks during future operations or other similar and concurrent operation by making recommendations to commanders.  BE provides control recommendations to mitigate or eliminate OEH and CBRN health threats. They participate in risk management/communication.  BE advises senior leadership and affected communities on health risks associated with operations and missions, the environment, and recreational activities.


Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight Contact Number:

DSN: 368-2045 or Comm: 530 - 634-2045


On Call Technician:



The Dental Clinic provides $2.3M of dental care to over 4K active duty members for Team Beale.  Its primary mission is to ensure the military dental readiness of active duty service members through annual dental examinations.  Additionally, it provides general and preventive dentistry services with some limited surgical capabilities, to include intravenous conscious sedation.  Sick call appointments are available daily by phone or by visiting the Dental Records & Reception desk.  Family members and retirees are encouraged to obtain dental insurance and seek dental care through a civilian provider (see below).


Hours of Operation:

0700-1630, Monday – Friday, EXCEPT the first Wednesday of each month (closed for training), Holidays and Family Days


Clinic Contact Number:

DSN:  368-4781/4782 or comm:  (530) 634-4781/4782


After-hours Dental Emergencies:

For after-hours dental emergencies, contact DSN:  368-2941 or comm:  (530) 634-2941


Family Members & Retirees:

TRICARE Dental Program

MetLife is proud to offer dental care to active duty family members and National Guard and Reserve members and their families.  1-855-638-8371 or http://www.tricare.mil/bwe


TRICARE Retiree Dental Program

The U.S. government and Delta Dental unite to bring dental care to more than four million Uniformed Services retirees and their families.  1-888-838-8737 or www.trdp.org


The Optometry Flight provides full spectrum primary eye care, including vision prescriptions and ocular disease management, to team Beale.  The Optometry Flight is heavily involved in human performance initiatives unique to Beale.  We provide customized prescriptions to meet visual demand in various working conditions and activities. Optometry contributes to an excellent Individual Medical Readiness rate by keeping Airmen up to date with gas mask inserts.


Optometry Flight Contact Number:

DSN: 368-2592 or Comm: (530) 634-2592

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