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Art & Science of Love Workshop

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   9 RW Chaplain Corps Team is offering a free workshop all Active Duty members.
   The Gottman Art & Science of love workshop, is designed to strengthen committed relationships through engaging group presentations that then lead into experiential activities that each couple works on together in privacy.  It’s a scientifically proven program from the world renowned Gottman Institute. Led by certified Gottman Couples Therapist Jonathan Shippey, M.A., LMFT.
   When: Thursday – Friday, March 28-29, 2019
   Where: Valley Chapel (Main Base)
   Time: 0800 – 1630 (Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day).
   Childcare is provided!
   We have 16 slots available. If you are interested please register at : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gottman-institue-marriage-workshop-tickets-56052286899?fbclid=IwAR3T2GCFTt1_GnRHOaKxm0wGc0Er7eL1QgYoOI5VLaAnxEsfbuQ74FCSc9

If you have any questions please contact Ch. Jeromy Wells at (530) 329-5217, Flight Surgeon Kourtini Starkey at (530)634-4730, or SSgt Daneasha Jenkins (530)634-4705.

Memorandum: Positive Duty Environment Policy 

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   All Recce Town members, uniformed or civilian, are responsible for creating and maintaining a positive, respectful, and dignified duty environment. Unprofessional behavior, including unacceptable language, can destroy an individual’s sense of esprit de corps. A respectful and cohesive environment is essential for our Recce Airmen and Civilians to achieve mission success.

   Unacceptable language includes vulgar and indecent references to a person’s race, color, religion, national origin, and/or sex. Such language includes sexual harassment, inappropriate jokes, and graphic comments about another person’s body, explicit or implicit suggestive displays, pictures, and cartoons.

   In addition to the above, unprofessional behavior includes undue command or supervisory influence, bullying, intimidation, making false, malicious, or unfounded statements about another person. Service members and employees must not engage in such behavior, nor should they tolerate it.

   The missions performed by the Airmen and Civilians of Recce Town USA are far too important to the defense of our nation to be placed at risk by unprofessional behavior. Everyone here deserves an environment that inspires excellence. Unprofessional behavior, including the use of unacceptable language, cannot be tolerated. I expect commanders, supervisors and subordinates alike to take ownership of their places of duty to establish and sustain a positive, warfighting spirit that keeps us one step ahead of our adversaries.




  It’s important to remember OPSEC. Implementing effective OPSEC practices is essential for the 9 RWs continued ability to project lethal airpower against any adversary. Consequently, I expect each and every Recce - assigned units, tenants, and visiting units - to apply OPSEC around the clock.  Keep in mind the 9 RW has a 100% shred policy.  All information is to be protected until properly destroyed IAW AFI 33-332.  If, this is accomplished by an off-base company then the information should be supervised until all the material has been properly shredded.   

  Personnel should never doubt that our potential adversaries want to know how this wing is consistently and exceptionally utilizing its resources against our enemy wherever we deploy. Though unclassified, Critical Information, PA, PII and UCI must be protected or it will provide any potential adversary the information they need to impact the way we operate. Therefore, we will integrate OPSEC into our wing planning processes and into daily operations. 

   Any questions regarding the OPSEC program or shredding contact Mr. Paul R. Crosby at 634-2335 or Mr. Dana C. Weeks at 634-2388.


ACC Check 3 GPS for High Risk Activities


   ACC is launching a year-long program of pushing out content, videos, resources and apps for Airman to reference in their off-duty high risk activities. The website will provide information, tools and resources to help Airmen reduce their mishap risk as they engage in each activity. Each month activities will be featured, such as Rock Climbing/Rappelling and All-Terrain Vehicles. ACC would like to feature Airman who have a passion for featured off-duty high-risk activities. For more information click here.


AF Safety Goes Mobile


   Air Force Safety Center released the mobile version of the Airman Safety App enabling Airmen at installations Air Force wide to voluntarily report safety issues with their devices as they encounter them. Do download the App link to www.safety.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1691626/af-safety-goes-mobile/


US Air Force Academy Seeking Prospective Students


   The USAFA is seeking young, talented and diverse Airmen with outstanding character and leadership potential who meet the qualifications. Information is available on the USAFA Admissions website (www.academyadmissions.com), the USAFA iPhone/Android app (free download available from iTunes/Android Market), through a Career Assistance Advisor, or at your local base education office. The USAFA POC for the USAFA LEAD Program is Captain Sheila Flinders and can be reached at (719) 333-8811 (DSN 333-8811), or USAFA_LEAD@usafa.edu


Air Force Sergeants Association


   This year’s Air Force Sergeants Association Division 6 Professional Airmen's Conference will be held on March 31 - April 2, 2019 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89109.) The PAC is a great opportunity for professional growth, as well as a chance to represent your fellow enlisted members. Full registration cost willbe$135, for more details on what is included in registration costs please visit the following link: www.afsadiv6.org/events/afsa-division-6-professional-airmens-conference


Volunteer Oportunities

Violence Prevention Facilitators Needed

Click here to view information and application

9th Medical Group

The 9th Medical group is looking for patient volunteers for our Patient and Family Partnership Council. PFPCs incorporate the voices of patients and families into policies, processes, and decision making in the Medical Group. A commitment of a few hours a month can make a change in how we provide care. If interested, contact MSgt Alexis Castillo at alexis.d.castillo.mil@mail.mil

Airmen’s Attic

The Airmen’s Attic, sponsored by the Beale Enlisted Spouses Club, is looking for volunteers, active duty and dependents, to help out with sorting and displaying donations. We have day and evening hours, plus one Saturday a month. If you have time in your schedule to help out, we have a place for you!  Please call the Airmen’s Attic at 530-634-5640, or visit us at 2459 Robert Nicoletti Way, to get signed up.   

Food Bank

Volunteers needed Yuba-Sutter Food Bank is looking for 6-10 individuals to help sort and pack food the first Saturday of each month. Volunteers may contact Patrick Hamilton with the food bank at 530-673-3834. The food bank provides free food to Beale Airmen and Families the last Friday of each month.   

Junior Achievement

JA's purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Typically, volunteers will meet with their assigned class for five to seven weekly visits, depending on the grade level and program that you are teaching. Please check our website, www.jasac.org for further information.

Sacramento Stand Down Association (SSDA)

The SSDA is a grassroots, community-based intervention program designed to help the nation’s thousands of homeless veterans on the street. Homeless veterans are brought together at a single location for three days and provided access to resources needed to begin rebuilding their lives. The many success stories originating from SSDA speak for themselves. We have monthly volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to give a "hand up" to our homeless veteran community. Military, civilians, and spouses are all welcome to volunteer. Please contact david.bobb.1@us.af.mil or john.walters.5@us.af.mil or teresa.brazile@us.af.mil 

Thrift Shop 

The Thrift Shop, located across from the commissary, is seeking volunteers to help sort donations during business hours. Volunteers are needed anytime on Tuesdays 930-1430 and/or Thursdays 930-1330. Come be a part of our staff and see for yourself what a fun atmosphere the Thrift Shop can be! For more information, please call the Beale Thrift Shop at 530-634-1893 or visit our location, 6201 B Street, Beale AFB, CA during business hours of Tuesday, 0930-1430 and Thursday, 0930-1330.

Groups, Clubs & Organizations

The following groups, clubs and organizations are not endorsed by Beale AFB, the U.S. Air Force or the Department of Defense


Air Force Sergeant’s Association (AFSA)


Air Force Sergeant’s Association (AFSA) Chapter 1372 Your AFSA "Gold Country" Chapter #1372 is a non-profit organization representing the professional and personal interests of active, retired and veteran enlisted members of the United States Air Force and their families. Monthly general meetings are held 1130, every 3rd Thursday, in the DFAC Flag Room. To get involved and learn more about how AFSA can benefit you, contact a council member/squadron rep, come to a meeting, or visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/afsachapter1372.


Association of Old Crows


The Association of Old Crows (AOC) is a not-for-profit international professional association with over 13,500 members and 180+ organizations engaged in the science and practice of Electronic Warfare (EW), Information Operations (IO), and related disciplines such as SIGINT. The local organization for Beale is the Golden Gate Chapter. www.crows.org


A.F.G.E Local 2025 Union


The Union meets the last Wednesday of the month at 12 p.m. at the Union Hall Building number 2469, located behind the Base Exchange (BX) in between the Omni (Airman's Attic) and the manual Car Wash on 23rd Street. All current and bargaining unit members are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions you may call David Cogar, Local President at (209) 248-9021or e-mail dyankee6823@yahoo.com.


Beale Airmen Against Drunk Driving (BAADD)


Visit the BAADD Sharepoint (available on DoD computers only) to volunteer.


Beale Air Force Association


Your Beale AFA Chapter 333 is important to the wing and local community, supporting active-duty military, retirees, and family members.  We support functions and events such as the Wing open house, Operation Warm Heart, the annual Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand-down, FTAC, community teacher awards, and various educational grant programs including the Pitsenbarger Award.  Monthly general meetings are held at 1200 every 4th Monday of the month in the Contrails DFAC. To get involved or learn more about how the AFA benefits you, come to a meeting, visit the AFA webpage at: http://www.afa.org, or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BealeAFA333/


Beale AFB Parents Advisory Board (PAB)


The Beale Parent Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity. PAB meets with representatives from the CDC, Youth Center, and the FCC programs once a month. Together they plan events, organize fundraisers and discuss topics that are important to parents and providers alike. PAB also brings any concerns or issues parents may have to the attention of the providers and they work together. PAB meetings are meant to get parents and providers on the same page and working in harmony to make all youth programs at Beale the best they can be. PAB meets the first Tuesday of every month 1130-1230 in the CDC conference room. ALL parents with children enrolled in any of the base youth programs are welcomed to attend. Questions or comments? Join us at the next meeting or Email: bafbpab@gmail.com Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/862649177145994/

(Search Beal AFB Parent Advisory Board).


Beale Airmen Talk & Travel (B.A.T.T.)


Have the Travel Bug? Want to meet new people? Interested in local events? LOVE ADVENTURES!? Then B.A.T.T. is the club for you! Please join our Facebook Group today at



Beale Blackbirds Radio Control Club


Beale Blackbirds R/C Club is dedicated to the promotion, sharing and enjoying the sport of radio controlled aircraft flying in the Beale Air Force Base area of Northern California. The flying field is located on Beale Air Force Base at the north end of "A" street (corner of A Street & 32nd Street) near FamCamp. Please visit http://www.bealeblackbird.com/home.html


Beale CGO Council


To develop and sustain an Air Force-wide CGO information network focused on professional development, base support, community service and esprit-de-corps; and advocating CGO officer issues and CGOC organizational status to senior USAF leaders. For more information e-mail Lt Dan Morrison daniel.morrison.12@us.af.mil or 9RW.CGOC@us.af.mil


Beale Enlisted Spouses Club


The Beale Enlisted Spouses Club (BESC) is a diverse group of spouses dedicated to serving the community and forming connections with other spouses of active duty and retired enlisted members here on Beale Air Force Base. BESC holds monthly general membership meetings and hosts social activities to provide its members with opportunities to build strong personal relationships. Likewise, we conduct regular charitable projects that promote community involvement and goodwill.  Please, visit us at www.FB.com/BESCinfo  or email BESCsecretary@yahoo.com.


Beale Officers’ Spouses’ Club


The Beale Officers’ Spouses’ Club (BOSC) promotes social and charitable endeavors through non-profitable activities. Our club encourages friendship among its members while providing a strong support network and opportunities for meaningful volunteer work. BOSC distributes scholarships and donations to qualified students and organizations. Membership is open to all spouses of active duty, reserve, and retired officers, as well as civilians who are eligible to be members of BOSC. Please visit us at facebook.com/BealeOfficersSpousesClubPage, or email us at bealeofficersspousesclub@gmail.com for more information.


Beale Playgroup


The Beale Playgroup meets weekly and is a great way for moms and dads new to Beale to make friends and get involved.  Find them on Facebook and contact them at bealeplaygroup@gmail.com.


Beale Top-3


The Top-3 is a private organization with the goal to developing esprit-de-corps and a sense of unity; maintaining and fostering a sense of camaraderie among enlisted members; promoting traditional values and customs; sustaining the health, welfare and morale of the enlisted corps; fostering professional development and readiness; developing leadership qualities; supporting selected initiatives and functions; and promoting Air Force standards and policy.  Like us on Facebook ® "Beale Top 3" and visit us at  Beale Top-3 - The Movers and Shakers of Beale AFB.




If you are interested in speaking about the Air Force, your career field, military history, or life in the military, then join the base speaker’s bureau.  As a member, Public Affairs will contact you to address off-base requests from veteran’s groups, schools, professional organizations, military museums, community leaders, etc. PA will set you up with the event POC and all pertinent information.  Interested speakers can email 9rw.pa@us.af.mil or call 634-8887.


Beale Cub Scout Pack 64


The Cub Scouts are active on Beale AFB for boys grades 1-5. We usually meet at the Scout Hut on base, but occasionally meet at other locations for field trips and outings.  The Cub Scout program teaches personal values, respect for nature, goal achievement, and good sportsmanship in a fun and safe environment.  Pack 64 is open for ALL members that have access to Beale AFB. For questions contact Cubmaster Brian Bilello (919-799-0079) and check out our Facebook page at



Beale Whisperers Toastmaster Club


Toastmasters International is one of the best places to sharpen your leadership and communicating skills in a nonthreatening atmosphere.  They meet at Edu 111 every Tuesday at noon.  For more information, please see http://beale.toastmastersclubs.org/


Dry Creek Saddle Club


If you own or are planning on purchasing a horse, the Dry Creek Saddle Club offers a 300 acre self-care facility. You have access to your own barn, large arena, 2 round pens and 1000's of acres of trails in the Spenceville Wildlife area. Contact: dcscbafb@gmail.com


Beale 5/6


The Beale 5/6 is dedicated to providing the framework for molding future leaders at Beale Air Force Base through the promotion of professional and personal growth, continued education, and base/community involvement. E-1s through E-6s may check out the Beale 5/6 Sharepoint site (available on DoD computers only) and become active members by attending the monthly meetings.


Single Parents Group


The Beale AFB Single Parents Group educates single parents on resources and provide a strong support system. POC is Karen Waples at (530) 634-2863 and karen.waples@us.af.mil


BSA Troop 44


The Boy Scouts of America, Troop 44, meets here on base in Bldg 3308 – “the Scout Hut”.  Just look for the green canoes, located on Camp Beale Hwy between the Youth Center and Lone Tree School on the Vasser Lake Gate side of the road.  The troop serves the Beale AFB community for boys in 6th – 12th grades.  POC is Jeffery Hendricks, phone: (530) 634-0625.


Green Knights MMC Chapter 19


The Green Knights MMC is a military affiliated and chartered motorcycle club. Our purpose is the promotion and education of motorcycling to the community on and off base, as well as an opportunity to enjoy riding. We work closely with 9 RW Safety and unit MSRs to host safety/refresher rides to base personnel who require them. The Green Knights do not discriminate against any person or type of motorcycle or scooter. If interested check out our Facebook page: GREEN KNIGHTS MILITARY MOTORCYCLE CLUB, CHAPTER 19


Sacramento National Contract Management Association (NCMA)


The Sacramento NCMA is non-profit organization providing professional resources for those in the field of contract management. Our monthly meetings provide members with professional contracts information, mentorship, and networking opportunities. For information of our next meeting please see: http://www.ncmagoldrush.org  and/or https://www.facebook.com/NCMASacramento


The Yuba Sutter Tri Club


The Yuba Sutter Tri Club welcomes athletes of all levels who like to swim, bike, and run!  Members range from those who just enjoy a good swim and occasional jog to Ironman finishers!  You don’t have to commit to 140.6 miles to be part of the YSTC family (but we will definitely support you along the way!)  Find us on Facebook or visit www.yubasuttertriclub.com





BAAD Drivers Needed

If you need a ride, call


Beale Airmen Against Drunk Driving seeks volunteer drivers every weekend to help prevent DUI incidences among our Airmen.

If you would like to volunteer to save lives please go online to BAAD (click here) and fill out the online form by Friday morning.

If you have not filled out an MFR and Waiver you can find them on the website, please include them with your volunteer signup form.If you have previously filled out an MFR and Waiver just indicate that on the signup form.

To volunteer as a BADD driver, please contact A1C Kaleb Houston at 530-634-2599.

If you need a ride, call



Office of Emergency Management

Events and Opportunities

Events in the High Flyer do not constitute endorsement of the information, products, services or views contained therein by Beale Air Force Base, the United States Air Force, or the Department of Defense.



Balfour Beatty Scholarship Program Mar 22

Softball Tournament Mar 30-31

2019 Beale AFB G-7 Deer Hunt Lottery May 16

American Legion Auction and Dinner Apr 6

Lent and Easter Services at Base Chapel Mar - Apr

9th MDG Volunteer Opportunities

American Forces Travel



Recce Town JA Newsletter

Hello Beale AFB! I am First Lieutenant Kate Mudrak, a new Assistant Staff Judge Advocate here at Beale and your Chief of Legal Assistance. Today we are going to talk about Fundraising and the new changes to AFI 36-3101. You read that right –NEW CHANGES! (to read more click here)